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DarkMasamune87 #MusouGang

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United States
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About DarkMasamune87 #MusouGang

I go by the name DarkMasamune87 or some call me Masamune.
I made this channel to have fun on a variety of games I enjoy very much. If you enjoy the content then stick around for more by subscribing and hitting the bell notification as well so you can squad up and be the first to check the latest videos I do upload on the channel. If you would like to hear from me and have video request you can hit me up/follow me on twitter @DarkMasamune87

I hope to one day have a huge channel until then I will keep making content until it does and keep going after that. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Welcome to the Musou Gang!

Elgato HD60S+
Baby bottle mic
Windows & Mac

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