Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "Let's Play Index"?

Let's Play Index is a database of let's players and reviewers organized in a way to help discover new and upcoming talent. It relies on the YouTube API to function, and the data pulled from YouTube is then organized and mixed in with our own video game data to create rankings, listings for obscure content creators, and reviews and let's plays for specific games.

Why are you opening the website when barely anything is working at all?

The problem with building a website like this that relies heavily on a third-party API is that the data is needed to effectively see the changes being made. Since pulling the data requires a lot of bandwidth, might as well start pulling the data now. The core algorithm for pulling and storing the data is completed, but the listings and overall presentation of the website are not.

I don't want my YouTube channel/videos listed on this website, how can I have them removed?

The website's algorithms are made to automatically do this. Add "#NoIndex" to your channel tags (or video tags if you just want individual videos removed from the site). When the site updates your channel or videos, it will see the #NoIndex tag and automatically flag it. Alternatively, deleting your videos/channel or making your videos private/unlisted will flag it as well. Only channels and videos fully visible to the public will be aggregated. The reverse is also true. Should you make a private/unlisted video public again, it will re-appear on the site when updated.