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This list represents YouTube gaming channels based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

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26 minutes ago Mugen Lord8,053Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (A Mario RPG I've been waiting for)3:16
26 minutes agoUnited States FightinCowboy378,998Final Fantasy 14 - Testing out a few different Jobs2:50:1896.10%
50 minutes ago jdeuch2Rime - Part 9 | FOLLOW THE TWO LEGGED DUDE36:57
56 minutes agoUnited States Team Spooky138,708Top 4 Finals ft. Shine, Idom, Mastermike - NLBC v.71 - Street Fighter V [1080p/60fps] HD32:38100.00%
59 minutes ago Wanderbots121,918Let's Play Persona 5 [English] - PS4 Gameplay Part 46 - Field Trip!33:00100.00%
1 hour ago Vizzed Gameplay Videos5,542pacman1755's Speedrun of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped - Part 316:10
1 hour agoUnited States 3MG LIVE48,051NBA LIVE 18 HYPE!!! COME THROUGH! SUB SESSION! LIVE 16 GAME!2:23:5896.23%
1 hour ago Lord Karnage461,271FIDGET SPINNER on PLAYSTATION 41:0876.23%
1 hour agoUnited States JohneAwesome142,136Streaming Arms Because internet ded0:1396.43%
1 hour ago TheTolhe14,563The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Ranked PvP (Air Conditioner is ON!)1:52:40100.00%
1 hour agoUnited States Kyle Blane Plays743⁞ Prison Architect ⁞ Season 6 Part 3 - Update 1120:54100.00%
1 hour agoUnited States BrickyOrchid8380,686Subnautica #27 | I. CAN'T. MOVE.44:2499.24%
2 hours agoUnited Kingdom KingBlackToof13,734Mork's Bread Slavery | ANNO 1404: VENICE30:35
2 hours agoCanada Kate LovelyMomo76,160Deady By Daylight with Northernlion, Mathasgames and Sinvicta [Episode 27]21:45100.00%
2 hours agoUnited Kingdom Steve Gillespie516Skyrim PS4 Pro Live Stream #153:07:09100.00%
2 hours agoUnited States Hadriex2,4094 Fine. I will destroy France then! - Colonization2:39:27100.00%
2 hours agoUnited States GaLm273,549[325] The Hero's Call (Let's Play Overwatch PC w/ GaLm)33:30100.00%
2 hours ago zaaap!82,543Freitag der 13.: Noch die Bonus Erfahrung mitnehmen! #36 | Let's Play [DEUTSCH][LIVESTREAM]2:32:0799.30%
2 hours ago undertakerfreak112744,282The Sun Will Shine4:4297.83%
2 hours ago Let's Play By Request457**BLIND** Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny Part 6 - Boss Marathons1:27:57100.00%
2 hours agoItaly Gameplay1973Channel904DARK SOULS 2 + DLC " GUIDA COMPLETA "9:14:3875.00%
2 hours ago Calham64605The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Episode 12 - "Mighty Deku Stick!"21:36
2 hours agoGermany MikeimInternet205GET EVEN Let's Play Part 5 # Der PROTOTYP im BÜRO # S-Grad: TRAMATISIEREND20:47100.00%
2 hours agoCanada DanQ8000392,033Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith - Let's Play - Part 8 - "The Cavalry Arrives"25:5897.67%
2 hours ago Bigbst4tz21,127,961Minecraft Story Mode: SEASON 2 - EPISODE 1 - NEW STORY GAMEPLAY! "Hero in Residence"4:5598.40%
2 hours ago BurningDogFace1,347Let's Blast Tower of Guns #26 - A Steady Hand and a Clear Eye21:15100.00%
2 hours agoBrazil Canal do Void26,343State of Decay #02 - Cheira Peido em busca de Cola [Série Gameplay Português PT-BR]39:15100.00%
2 hours agoUnited Kingdom Pauleh28,716Warsword Conquest - Chaos E298 (Warband Mod)20:12100.00%
3 hours ago MrZirkusaffe18Let's Play Brutal Doom v20b (German)(Blind) 100% Secrets auf Realistic Mode # 73 Icon of Sin25:41
3 hours ago TetraNinja1,560,776Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Walkthrough Part 5 - Agrabah (PS4 Let's Play)1:18:3595.31%
3 hours agoUnited States thePuck77 Gaming96thePuck Plays Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Part 6: Walker…Gear?5:06:13100.00%
3 hours agoUnited States SilentFan851,399Injustice 2 (PS4) - Joker Leveling/Multiverse Events - 06/25/172:33:37100.00%
3 hours agoArgentina 95damian gamer954Dig Dug Famicom Gameplay5:56
3 hours agoUnited States Sagemaster1558,934Colorless Tierlist and how we're going to rate Staff Users.7:2797.03%
3 hours agoUnited States Centerstrain01236,527Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Crushing Walkthrough /Treasures Chapter 20 "Caravan"21:28100.00%
3 hours agoUnited States MagicManMo492I Love You, Sarge! ~ Star Craft (3) ~ Let's Play52:00100.00%
3 hours agoUnited States HikePlays2,116,841SCREAMING SCARED w/ THE CREW (Friday the 13th Game)1:35:0695.37%
3 hours agoCanada adlingtont42,301The Fugitive - Hitman Elusive Target #2548:17100.00%
3 hours agoUnited States The Musical Gamer5,723Let's Play Persona 5 NG+ 110: Painful Manicure1:06:4390.91%
3 hours ago Generikb1,099,635Stranded Deep Gameplay - "SHARK PARTY HOUSE!!!" - Let's Play Walkthrough20:1498.76%
3 hours agoUnited Kingdom MrAndersonLP17,463Let's Play Fable Anniversary BLIND (Evil) [Part 15] The Most Incompetent Jailbreak Ever42:49100.00%
3 hours agoUnited States Dude Longcouch2,061[111] Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Desert Bullshit - Let's Play (Wii U)27:22100.00%
3 hours ago GoldGlove Let's Plays413,120MLB The Show 17 - Road to the Show - Part 47 "MY TEAM IS INSANE!" (Gameplay & Commentary)32:3098.84%
3 hours agoUnited Kingdom Luke Games61,741Why there's no Terraria giveaways (For now)1:32100.00%
4 hours ago blueskulldragon872,128Let's Play The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 4 - Finding Aryll In The Forsaken Fortress35:45
4 hours ago Lucas Hidemi Komori2,222To Heart 2 X-Rated (PC) - Longplay (Kusugawa Sasara route, Part 14)51:55100.00%
4 hours agoUnited States NoahJ4563,040,340ORIGINS SOLO WORLD RECORD EASTER EGG ATTEMPT (No Gobblegums)2:08:2196.58%
4 hours agoUnited States Hunter P Brown1,222Let's Fully Play Ed Edd n' Eddy The Mis-Edventures4:20:57100.00%
4 hours agoUnited States MAGNUM054,178TransAmerica Pyramid1:52100.00%
4 hours ago skeletoncrusader665Let's Play My Hero (SMS)19:17100.00%
4 hours ago Helloween454549,703Let's Play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat - S7 P2 - The Night Raid20:31100.00%
4 hours agoUnited States Relictae929Tabletop Simulator: Yu-Gi-Oh! Part 4 (w/Private Buttkiss)38:58100.00%
4 hours ago Dad's Gaming Addiction22,735DGA Live-streams: Interplanetary (Ep. 10 - Gameplay / Let's Play)2:01:00
4 hours agoUnited Kingdom GadgetGirlKylie81,305LET IT GROW! OASIS LEVEL 8! - EVER OASIS 3DS Let's Play Walkthrough Playthrough Gameplay Part 62:41:5299.18%
4 hours ago VEGETTA77718,417,961#KARMALAND3 - SECRETOS BAJO EL MAR Y OSO CHETADO #2049:5699.45%
4 hours agoUnited States SurrealBeliefs145,770NECROMANCER'S APPRENTICE BOSS - Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court DLC Gameplay #742:2798.21%
4 hours ago Игровой сепаратист1,082ТЕПЕРЬ ТЫ В АРМИИ! - PROJECT ARGO. ARMA 37:13100.00%
4 hours agoUnited States DKS3A313Let's Play I Wanna Be the Fangame Part 18: FINALE: The Great Escape24:22
4 hours agoUnited States MrKravin91,789STREAMING WITH MY HUSBAND!!0:24100.00%
4 hours agoUnited States AbdallahSmash026372,623GET PUNCHED! Episode 1 - ARMS Matches With Subscribers! [Nintendo Switch]1:56:1997.24%
4 hours agoUnited States Mekel Kasanova531The Rawness of Akuma4:24
4 hours agoUnited States Skylent Shore34,693TOP TEN $1 GAMES ON STEAM SUMMER SALE 201712:0395.00%
4 hours agoUnited Kingdom Foxy Games UK10,485EP 52 PS4 Pro/Xbox One X 4K Gaming Feels Forced | Switch Global Shortage; Still Outsells XB11:53:2687.39%
4 hours agoBrazil guilhermeoss796,247ARMS [NINTENDO SWITCH] #9 - OLHA A COBRA!15:1498.51%
4 hours agoUnited States CaptainSparklez9,970,302THE TABLES HAVE TURNED (Minecraft Animation)1:0799.62%
4 hours agoUnited States Funky G3,079Let's Play Breath of Fire III Part 14: Can't Split Us That Easy!41:11
4 hours agoUnited States GrayStillPlays256,157MY SUMMER JAIL SENTENCE! ESCAPING THE JAIL and Massive Fines! - Gameplay Highlights Ep 6827:0999.35%
4 hours agoCroatia HoneyBunnyGames27,604GETTING RICH WITH BIG MACHINES - MINING GOLD - Gold Rush Pre-Alpha - Let's Play Gold Rush Gameplay25:34100.00%
5 hours ago ProductionD1074How To Get Community Inc FOR FREE - QUICK & EASY1:36100.00%
5 hours agoUnited Kingdom segafan1986749Let's Play State Of Decay (PC) #1 "Best Vacation EVER"1:11:33100.00%
5 hours agoUnited States Alpha Blaq715WU SHANG IS THE GREATEST! #497102:13:0092.31%
5 hours agoUnited States BaronVonLetsPlay317,666Ravenfield BATTLE SIMULATOR Mode! (Ravenfield Beta 6 Gameplay Part 14)36:1498.40%
5 hours agoBrazil Arkantos31,111Rimworld Star Wars #40 - Atacando Bandidos! - Gameplay em Português (PT-BR)37:0799.07%
5 hours agoUnited States MathasGames200,243ABANDONED CHURCH | The Long Dark Faithful Cartographer Update Gameplay #1219:5595.33%
5 hours ago cammyplayer1,572Sonic CD opening HD (Sonic Boom)1:32100.00%
5 hours agoSweden marepcgames8,131FS 17 - BALKANSKA DOLINA BILOGORA v2 #171:39:3894.70%
5 hours ago SimsGoneWildGuy30SWB54:15100.00%
5 hours agoUnited Kingdom Letmelive - Gaming1,369[Live] Silent Hill: Downpour | Part 1 (Blind) - PS32:53:09100.00%
5 hours agoUnited States Sp00nerism785,092Guitar hero and overwatch0:0497.37%
5 hours agoCanada Ryan Applegong289Let's Play Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord - 6 - South of Sword (Part 1)1:45:12
5 hours ago Kozma Games3,231Sparkle 3 Genesis - Gameplay em Português PT-BR14:55100.00%
5 hours agoFinland TheRelaxingEnd1,516,644KINO DER TOTEN DE-MASTERED! (Wii Version) Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Gameplay1:45:5495.14%
5 hours agoUnited Kingdom The Games Shed17,766The Sunday Versus Season 1 8-Bit - Episode 48:29100.00%
5 hours ago elrubiusOMG24,744,545EDC VEGAS, FIESTAS Y ESNIFANDO OXIGENO | Epic Vlog13:0299.06%
5 hours agoUnited States Scribe17,655Let's Stream Yakuza 0 (#7) - Special Mushrooms1:24:21100.00%
5 hours agoUnited Kingdom TheTwitGamer6,283Danganronpa AE: Ultra Despair Girls (PS4, Blind, Let's Play) | Toko's Fantasy! | Part 332:08100.00%
5 hours agoUnited Kingdom PaullieeTV733Precipice Walkthrough Gameplay | SCARY PT CLONE26:08100.00%
5 hours agoCanada newfiebangaa20,597Let's Play Sly 2: Band of Thieves #28 - Engine Problems54:55100.00%
5 hours agoUnited States SgtKeeneye2,414Let's Play Starship Theory Gameplay - Episode 3 - Vented - Starship Theory Gameplay19:35
5 hours agoUnited States Tom Fawkes79,822Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: I Am Racer, Hear Me Speed - Part 2814:1699.62%
5 hours ago Tealgamemaster52,527Ever Oasis - All Bosses & Ending!45:45100.00%
5 hours ago Dameol1,730Let's Play Tales of Xillia Blind! Episode 56: Indestructable? Sounds Fun.54:09100.00%
5 hours agoIreland Games4Kickz84,350Beginning of the End | Last Day on Earth: Survival Let's Play Gameplay Walkthrough PC Android | E0125:0096.47%
5 hours agoUnited States PartiallyRoyal660,016A NEW HOME! - 7 Days to Die Alpha 16 Multiplayer Gameplay #1125:1299.46%
5 hours agoPortugal Colonel RPG7,299Mods, DLC and Microtransactions - Weekend Update32:21100.00%
5 hours agoBrazil Game Over245,926Game Over 433 - Programa Completo57:22100.00%
6 hours agoGermany Goody6,958Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Guide: Überlebenskünstler - Survivalist Trophy / Achievement Guide3:23100.00%
6 hours agoMexico GaboMania1,8151er Gabo Responde3:10100.00%
6 hours ago Serial GamerTv9syrus420's Live PS4 Broadcast1:03:06