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Pravus Cover- Meshuggah Rendition 1301
A musical cover of the song Pravus from the creatively talented band Meshuggah with myself doing the vocals. Could be a little more punchy in...
2018-12-06 8:47:33 PM ● 34 views ● 5:05 100.00% liked
Let's play God Of War 2 De-Mastered
Looks like Kratos has gone back into time and learned some techniques from the Belmont family. I totally recommend checking it out via
2018-12-03 10:34:05 AM ● 13 views ● 2:46
God of War II
Let's Play
Street Fighter minis mystery unboxing 2 of 2
Camera cut out on the second unboxing....akuma wasn't pleased..
2015-02-11 6:00:04 PM ● 9 views ● 3:50
Street Fighter minis mystery unboxing 1 of 2
Just a quick vid of some street fighter toys I picked up a while ago.
2015-02-11 3:16:20 PM ● 8 views ● 6:05
Pokemon Y Pokedex Complete SHINY CHARM!
As the title states, I had just finished collecting all the pokemon required to get the shiny charm. This would mark a day in video game history...
2014-02-09 3:09:13 PM ● 48 views ● 4:43
Live Shiny Charmeleon Encounter!
I can't believe I ran into this guy just a few hours from getting a shiny lugia and ho-oh (see other vid) Today was a good day for shiny hunting....
2014-01-31 10:16:07 AM ● 68 views ● 3:13
My Shiny Pokemon Collection (Two awesome shinies!)
I'm so stoked that I got both Lugia and Ho-oh at the same time! They are legit :) :) :) If you guys are interested in trading leave your FC and...
2014-01-31 9:54:44 AM ● 90 views ● 6:39
Pokemon Y Pokerus!!!!
My pokemon got infected with the T-Virus!!!! I mean the pokerus, I will be more then happy to trade for a shiny :p
2013-10-29 1:27:29 AM ● 382 views ● 2:06 100.00% liked
PS3 Trophy Collection Pt 2
My second vid of my up to date trophies. My bad about the cloverfield type camera shots. Hopefully I can do another vid before the ps4 hits.
2013-08-25 12:52:26 AM ● 97 views ● 7:50 100.00% liked
PS3 Trophy Collection
Just my collection of trophies so far.I'm no hakoom or duck360 but I do what I can.. if you guys want to play anything,hit me up.My tag is chaosphere187....
2013-04-13 7:59:37 PM ● 347 views ● 8:35 83.33% liked