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This channel is dedicated to my love and passion for the Warhammer, you'll find videos on all my adventures in the Warhammer universe from building models to purging in games or even justing talking lore. Thank you for stopping by, If you have any questions feel free to message me or visit any of my social media groups!

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Potential New Chaos Model Spotted? Heresy Alert!
Did Games Workshop potentially just show off a new unit that the Chaos will be getting for their launch this year? Whatever it is, it's heretical...
2019-01-11 3:18:10 PM ● 11,525 views ● 5:37 98.30% liked
Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2: Campaign - Total War in Space?! Glorious!
The new trailer has just dropped for Battlefleet Gothic 2 and they've gone into detail about the campaign system, for me, it seems massively...
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Warhammer Funkos teased? New GW image
It's not a PRIMARCH! Games Workshop seems to be expanding its brand, myself and others think this could be a potential release of Warhammer 40k...
2019-01-08 10:36:53 AM ● 10,439 views ● 4:28 96.09% liked
Astartes Episode Three  - Reaction Video!
Here is my reaction video to the Astartes Episode Three video, what piece of cinematic art this series is, the passion and dedication which is...
2019-01-06 8:41:22 PM ● 28,862 views ● 9:12 97.63% liked
Let's Talk Chaos, Abbadon Artwork and Vigilus Part Two
If we enhanced the image from the Marine that was revealed we get a cheeky glimpse of Abbadon, I think this is going to be the cover of Vigilus...
2019-01-06 7:24:33 AM ● 9,185 views ● 5:55 97.96% liked
Typical, soon as I leave the event they preview the model I wanted to see the most! Check out this awesome new Chaos Model shown off at the event,...
2019-01-05 9:47:20 AM ● 13,579 views ● 4:26 99.00% liked
2019 Warhammer World Open Day: My Event Information
I went to the 2019 open event, got to see the new models released and new games. Had a chance to talk to some of the designers etc, here is all...
2019-01-05 9:08:31 AM ● 18,813 views ● 15:21 98.49% liked
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 - Ark Mechanicus + BETA Two Update from Developers!
Preview of the Ark Mechanicus, the Adeptus Mechanicus ship they use to scour the stars for their ultimate holy grail. Also, the developers have...
2019-01-03 12:50:31 PM ● 2,832 views ● 4:14 98.48% liked
Imperial Guard Mod Update (Death and Duty)! Server Test Incoming!
Big update for the mod! The final testing for bugs on the map is being done this month, that means by the end of this month the server will launch...
2019-01-02 4:35:55 AM ● 11,268 views ● 8:58 98.32% liked
2019 Open day is coming! Let the HYPE begin!
A New Year means new models! My hype metre is already at maximum, the New Years Open day is on Saturday 5th January and I think we could get...
2019-01-01 9:40:44 AM ● 15,554 views ● 9:20 98.35% liked