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This channel is dedicated to my love and passion for the Warhammer, you'll find videos on all my adventures in the Warhammer universe from building models to purging in games or even justing talking lore. Thank you for stopping by, If you have any questions feel free to message me or visit any of my social media groups!

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- Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H-BK Board
- Devil's Canyon Core i7 4790K
- TeamGroup Xtreem LV 16GB RAM
- Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB
- SanDisk SSD G25 Ultra II 480Gb
- Seagate Barracuda 2TB
- Cyborg R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse
- Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB Cherry MX SILENT

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Bring back the BLACK TEMPLARS! A Call to ARMS!
Today is the day that the Games Workshop community survey goes live! Last time with the fan feedback we got the Sisters of Battle to return,...
2019-04-15 9:00:11 AM ● 12,862 views ● 2:45 96.00% liked
Space Marine Augemented! Brand new Multiplayer mod, new weapons and balance!
IT'S HAPPENING! We finally have someone who knows how to add stuff to the multiplayer game of Space Marine, this is HUGE! This means new weapons,...
2019-04-08 7:00:58 AM ● 38,808 views ● 9:40 98.39% liked
The Lord Discordant is MAKEING ME CRY! IT'S NOT FAIR!
Emperors Golden Balls this thing makes me cry into a pillow every night, give me some cool stuff like this for my glorious Primaris Marines!...
2019-04-04 12:16:05 PM ● 23,955 views ● 11:54 81.90% liked
Potential Return of Fabius Bile and Other Chaos Characters
Since we had the rumour image from Games Workshop which could mean the return of Fabius, where does he fit into the story and does that mean...
2019-04-03 4:54:55 AM ● 12,129 views ● 11:03 99.38% liked
Painting Yellow Tutorial -  Imperial Fist Tutorial
Here is my video on painting yellow, I've recently just started my Imperial Fist Army, like many I was too scared to paint yellow but I found...
2019-04-02 8:44:53 AM ● 8,951 views ● 11:42 99.45% liked
New Sister of Battle Model - Seraphim First Look!
Kind of hard to take anything for real on April 1st but this is a legit new article from Games Workshop, we have our first look at a Sister of...
2019-04-01 9:44:11 AM ● 14,878 views ● 6:25 99.30% liked
First Impressions
50 Shelves of Grey, will Games Workshop release an Airbrush?
The 50 Shelves of Grey trailer embraced the meme, we know it's not coloured plastic, the next logical step is an airbrush which seems an odd...
2019-03-31 8:47:12 AM ● 6,167 views ● 8:10 95.78% liked
Solar War Limited Edition Unboxing!
What a glorious book, I am so thankful I managed to get my hands on one thanks to a member of the community! This is by far the fanciest book...
2019-03-29 2:18:06 PM ● 6,837 views ● 9:22 98.18% liked
Warzone Armageddon - Give me Primarchs, Templars and Orks!
Since we will be getting new Warzones, I really hope Games Workshop take us back to Armageddon. The planet has so much more to give, it could...
2019-03-28 4:57:18 AM ● 18,886 views ● 10:45 97.57% liked
NEW Keeper of Secrets and Slaanesh models! NEW 40K Apocalypse + More! Adepticon Reveals!
We have a new Keeper of Secrets plus more Slaanesh models, 40K Apocalypse is getting re-done to make it faster, all the Adepticon reveals are...
2019-03-27 8:39:58 PM ● 21,780 views ● 10:21 97.25% liked