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Helo, random stranger who stumbled on this channel!
I am just a guy, a total no-lifer (hence the name) who enjoys playing videogames. I've started recording GBF videos for fun and wanted to put them up as sort of a diary of my journey into the game.
I hope you find them entertaining and you can learn from my mistakes.
See ya!

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[Granblue Fantasy] Unite and Fight (Earth): Cybele lv 90 Nightmare
I absolutely love this class. Where to play Granblue Fantasy: My (sometimes lewd) Twitter:
2019-04-16 8:20:06 AM ● 143 views ● 2:27 100.00% liked
[Granblue Fantasy] Unite and Fight (Earth): Tyrannus lv 80 Extreme+ OTK
The new EX+ comes in at 20m HP and it was quite the surprise, still, Chrysaor, Comatose, Yuisis and Bonito can make quick work of that! Where...
2019-04-16 7:46:30 AM ● 164 views ● 1:39 100.00% liked
[Granblue Fantasy] Weapon Showcase: Harp of Renunciation
Another train another weapon, this time it's the Earth Harp! Tried to do a little comparison this time, just to have a frame of reference on...
2019-04-14 3:08:35 PM ● 312 views ● 8:04 100.00% liked
[Granblue Fantasy] Weapon Showcase: Spear of Renunciation
I chose the wind spear first but I needed another train for its skill. Even without the lv 200 skill, it's still a sweet deal. Where to play...
2019-04-12 8:44:04 PM ● 1,213 views ● 6:02 100.00% liked
[Granblue Fantasy] First Look: Lucillius lv 150 Impossible and Dark Opus Weapons
Another HL raid to nuke us into oblivion! The weapons do look fine though... Where to play Granblue Fantasy: My...
2019-04-11 9:32:42 AM ● 3,301 views ● 19:06 100.00% liked
[Granblue Fantasy] Chrysaor, S.Bea, Yuel and Magisa vs Tiamat HL
Trying out some new team comps while reordering my teams, Tiamat HL falls in the same Category as Nezha and while it takes a bit longer to complete,...
2019-04-07 6:01:13 PM ● 266 views ● 8:39 100.00% liked
[Granblue Fantasy] Chrysaor, S.Bea, Yuel and Magisa vs lv 100 Nezha
I'm reordering my teams and fixing up some team comps. This team really needs its 5th Ecke Sacks and uncapping that Brahman Sword. When Yul doesn't...
2019-04-07 8:25:03 AM ● 322 views ● 7:33 100.00% liked
[Granblue Fantasy] Using my Perpetuity Rings
Good girls who distinguished themselves! Where to play Granblue Fantasy: My (sometimes lewd) Twitter:
2019-04-05 8:03:24 AM ● 895 views ● 4:13 100.00% liked
[Granblue Fantasy] A look at: Sliming
Sliming at the best way to go about it in the worst possible time. Seriously, if you can save yourselves the trouble, only slime during Magnafest!...
2019-04-04 9:11:39 AM ● 806 views ● 6:13 100.00% liked
[Granblue Fantasy] A Walk on the Wild Side: Psycho Vira MK II lv 100 Impossible Raid
Yet another fantasy, yet another Mecha Psycho, this time though, we've got one of our own! Where to play Granblue Fantasy:
2019-04-02 7:14:08 PM ● 416 views ● 5:29 100.00% liked