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TripletheTDog is an American YouTube channel which has 317 subscribers, publishing more than 4.83 thousand videos which altogether total more than 133.98 thousand views.

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About TripletheTDog

A random guy that just enjoys video games while failing at being funny!

I upload a lot of what I stream, though not everything because I can be weird and not hit record on just some things I play. Don't expect to see the newest release on this channel right away as most of the stuff is usually uploaded and scheduled week/weeks/months in advance if I am able to keep a strong backlog of recordings going.

Uploading schedule as of 6/16/2022
Mon-Friday - 2 videos 1pm EST and 4pm EST
Saturday-Sunday - 1 video 2:30 EST.

So yes I try to upload at least something everyday if I can.
Though uploads are always subject to change!

If I need time to build my backlog up when getting low (which tends to only happen if I get real busy with personal life or mentally not there and haven't been recording/streaming a lot) then I will normally announce in video when I will be going to 1 video a day for a month or so to build it back up then go back to the usual 2 videos a day.

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