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Underestimated Awesome Physicist UAP scanning the scene of science, vindicating the Bible’s accuracy and precision with uncommonly good sense, humor, great music, moxie, and flair. Nonsense is provided by fake space programs, hoaxers, posers, ballers, and hoity-toity , you outcasts from the “Globe Earth Society”.

I’m here to settle your misgivings, hand you some arguments that prove your professors began off-base, even challenge your own deep indoctrination, as I struggle against the same inheritance of unverifiable notions... how? Well, simply with the reality that is both repeatable and reproducible.

Having studied arts and sciences for more than a couple decades, being one of aptitude and keenly focused to learn only what’s repeatable and reproducible, from the brilliance of Electrical field quantification, to the idiocy of Evolutionary Biology. My foundation is on the Rock, the Word of God. The Bible is no science book. The Bible is true, and needs no revisionist’s scribe.

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American Telemetry | UAP
Telemetry is the transmission of data besides voice or picture that allows analysis of a craft or its instruments’ inputs by predictive decisions...
2019-02-19 7:57:45 AM ● 6,250 views ● 35:07 97.80% liked
1865 Birth of a Civil Hoax | UAP
The 1850 accelerant Comets and mudflood The impending reset Birth of a Hoax 1915 fake history I’ve got a secret Lincoln Killed it on stage...
2019-02-16 8:28:14 AM ● 25,490 views ● 41:22 93.44% liked
Top Hat 🎩 Tartarians | UAP
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2019-02-13 8:28:45 AM ● 27,361 views ● 37:07 92.30% liked
Powdered Water | UAP ⚠️ Critical!
Listen to the Astronauts kids. Use powdered water. Don’t touch it, because it dissolves YOU on contact! Starting with blood and nerves. Just...
2019-02-10 4:28:45 PM ● 10,444 views ● 27:13 98.82% liked
And the Rocket’s Banners in the Air, Gave Proof in the Night
And the Rocket’s Banners in the Air, Gave Proof in the Night That fake space was still there Oh say does that star spangled Banner yet wave?...
2019-02-08 7:57:49 AM ● 13,842 views ● 31:57 92.17% liked
The Faking of Metropolis (1927)
Ridiculous science, false history, fake space, and green screen news leave trails I follow. When they’re lying to us just to make it seem like...
2019-02-05 7:28:49 AM ● 16,483 views ● 45:05 93.72% liked
Goonies Chasing Tatarians
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2019-02-04 7:12:45 AM ● 12,675 views ● 14:35 96.37% liked
Dr. Jones and the (Giants’) Temple or Tomb OR NOT
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2019-02-01 9:43:45 PM ● 24,415 views ● 28:32 92.04% liked
1927 Metropolis Deconstructed | UAP
Metropolis links to watch in order as suggested in this video: English: Remix: Full...
2019-01-31 5:58:20 PM ● 10,823 views ● 37:09 98.16% liked
Irrational Geographic Quickscopes Flat Earth
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2019-01-29 5:58:18 PM ● 10,435 views ● 33:52 96.15% liked