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Your daily dose of everything Fornite from insane plays all the way to funny moments and rages! I have it all, welcome and enjoy your stay. Send your clips into!

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Ninja Reacts To Epic VAULTING The INFINITY SWORD After They Announced It Was BROKEN!
In todays video we have Ninja reacting to Epic vaulting and removing the infinity sword from the game! So many players wanted this to happen...
2018-12-14 11:23:14 AM ● 224,141 views ● 10:09 94.58% liked
Ninja Gets ANGRY At Epic & Chat After The 1 Thing That TRIGGERS Him The MOST Happens...
In todays video we have Ninja getting ANGRY at Epic and his chat after the ONE thing that TRIGGERS him the most happens! Let me know what you...
2018-12-13 1:41:29 PM ● 307,781 views ● 11:29 90.57% liked
Ninja Reacts To Infinity Sword Getting NERFED! Tfue Explains Why Skill Gap NEEDED To Be REMOVED!
In todays video we have Ninja reacting to the Infinity Sword getting nerfed in the tournaments FINALLY! Also, Tfue explains why Skill Gap NEEDED...
2018-12-12 12:29:23 PM ● 228,469 views ● 10:49 92.17% liked
Ninja Is ANGRY At Epic For RUINING Fortnite By Adding In Swords & Airplanes...
In todays video we have Ninja getting ANGRY at Epic for RUINING Fortnite after they added in the Swords and Airplanes... Let me know what you...
2018-12-11 5:02:26 PM ● 153,286 views ● 10:26 92.60% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Ninja & NickMercs Bet Tim $500 That He CAN'T Win A Solo Game... Then THIS Happened!
In todays video we have Ninja and Nickmercs betting Timthetatman $500 that he CAN'T win a single game of Solo Fortnite! Here is what happened......
2018-12-11 9:13:29 AM ● 360,680 views ● 10:14 91.44% liked
Ninja Gets LASERED From Across The MAP By A HACKER Then Spectates Him!
In todays video we have Ninja gets LASERED from across the map by a HACKER and then he spectates him to confirm it! Let me know what you guys...
2018-12-10 2:15:58 PM ● 217,028 views ● 10:18 95.38% liked
Ninja GOES OFF On His FANS After They Keep Telling Him They "Miss Old Ninja!"
In todays video we have Ninja going off on his fans after they keep telling him that they miss the old Ninja! Let me know what you guys think...
2018-12-09 9:07:12 PM ● 540,608 views ● 10:21 94.02% liked
Dakotaz Phone Number Got LEAKED & His FANS Started To Text Him! Faze Cloak Wants To FIGHT Streamer!
In todays video we have Dakotaz getting his phone number LEAKED and his fans start to text him! Also, Faze Cloak finds out about what DeadMoth...
2018-12-09 1:33:15 PM ● 190,288 views ● 11:06 95.65% liked
Ninja Explains How Epic Just SAVED Fortnite & Added YEARS To Its Life Span...
In todays video we have Ninja explaining how Epic added YEARS to Fortnites life span and explains why it isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Let...
2018-12-08 2:43:50 PM ● 77,828 views ● 11:17 91.60% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Ninja HATES The New Airplanes And REFUSES To Ever Use Them Again After THIS Happened...
In todays video we have Ninja explaining why he HATES the new airplanes and will NEVER use them again! Do you guys agree? Let me know what you...
2018-12-07 8:15:22 PM ● 202,846 views ● 10:58 87.84% liked