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Formerly known as TCC, Daily Clips Central is the new name of the channel! Your daily dose of everything Fornite from insane plays all the way to funny moments and rages! I have it all, welcome and enjoy your stay.

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Tfue Explains Why BUILDING In Fortnite Is TOO OVERPOWERED! DrLupo QUITS Streaming With Facecam!
In todays video we have Tfue explaining why he thinks building in Fortnite is now TOO OVERPOWERED since the game got a huge update recently....
2019-02-20 7:37:55 AM ● 670,451 views ● 10:23 93.27% liked
Tfue Explains Why Tilted Towers Is AWFUL And NEEDS To Be REMOVED From Fortnite...
In todays video we have Tfue explaining why Tilted Towers is the WORST spot the land and should be REMOVED from Fortnite... also we have some...
2019-02-19 8:13:09 AM ● 149,040 views ● 10:51 90.64% liked
Ninja Responds To People HATING On Him For Winning EVERY Tournament & Want Him Taken DOWN...
In todays video we have Ninja responding to people who have been roasting him just because he won a few tournaments & speaks out on how social...
2019-02-18 8:09:33 AM ● 397,956 views ● 10:53 96.16% liked
Tfue Was SHOCKED After Getting RANDOM Gifts From Epic AND His Friend! "Gifting Is Back?!"
In todays video we have Tfue SHOCKED that gifting is BACK in Fortnite and he got a nice little surprise when he opened up the game... Let me...
2019-02-17 3:14:44 PM ● 2,907,636 views ● 10:17 94.11% liked
Tfue WON A Game Of Fortnite While Getting The DEFAULT SKIN "Jonesy" TATTOOED On Him!
In todays video we have Tfue winning a game of Fortnite while he gets a default skin named "jonesy" tattooed on him! What CANT he do......
2019-02-17 2:49:35 AM ● 91,833 views ● 10:39 96.85% liked
Ninja Explains Why He Likes Fortnite MORE Than Apex Legends & Why You CAN'T Compare Them!
In todays video we have Ninja explaining why he likes Fortnite more than Apex Legends and why there should NOT even be a debate about it! Let...
2019-02-16 7:01:24 PM ● 514,059 views ● 10:26 93.10% liked
Ninja Gets Joined By A RANDOM "DRUNK" KID That Is CONVINCED He's Not Real... *Weird*
In todays video we have Ninja being joined by a random kid that he thinks might be drunk just because of the way he's acting and sounding! Let...
2019-02-16 8:25:30 AM ● 379,714 views ● 11:24 94.00% liked
Ninja Finally RETURNED To Fortnite But Was SHOCKED After Seeing What Epic Did To The Game...
In todays video we have Ninja FINALLY returning to Fortnite but he was SHOCKED after seeing that Epic updated the game now so mats are capped...
2019-02-15 12:03:11 PM ● 1,976,625 views ● 10:21 91.18% liked
Secret Skirmish Tournament Highlights! Tfue, 72hrs & Aydan VS NICKMERCS! Tfue's CLUTCH WIN!
In todays video we have highlights from the Secret Skirmish tournament event that had Tfue, cloakzy, Nickmercs, 72hrs and a bunch of other pros...
2019-02-14 7:02:25 PM ● 145,285 views ● 11:57 97.78% liked
Tfue Can't BELIEVE That His Subscribers BETRAYED Him & RUINED His Entire Custom Game Lobby...
In todays video we have Tfue in shock that his OWN Subscribers RUINED his entire Custom Game lobby and betrayed him... Let me know what you guys...
2019-02-13 7:21:50 PM ● 247,581 views ● 10:06 94.11% liked