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Formerly known as TCC, Daily Clips Central is the new name of the channel! Your daily dose of everything Fornite from insane plays all the way to funny moments and rages! I have it all, welcome and enjoy your stay.

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Ninja CALLS OUT Cloakzy After He SLIPPED UP And Said THIS On His Stream...
In todays video we have Ninja CALLING OUT Cloakzy after he got caught slipping up on his stream! Let me know what you guys think down below!...
2019-04-13 12:03:24 PM ● 8,134 views ● 10:42 88.83% liked
Ninja Gets ANGRY After DrLupo & Cloakzy Team Up ROASTING Him & Go TOO FAR...
In todays video we have Ninja getting ANGRY after DrLupo and Cloakzy team up and start ROASTING him nonstop! Did they go too far? Let me know...
2019-04-12 7:19:07 PM ● 350,818 views ● 10:35 95.29% liked
Ninja's Entire Stream Was RUINED After He Made A Huge MISTAKE And BROKE His Keyboard...
In todays video we have Ninja having his ENTIRE stream and day RUINED after he broke his expensive keyboard! Let me know what you guys think...
2019-04-11 7:21:42 PM ● 631,944 views ● 10:21 91.07% liked
Ninja Was SHOCKED After Finding Out Why Epic REMOVED This "Block" INSTANTLY From Fortnite...
In todays video we have Ninja in disbelief after finding out why this creators "Block" creation was REMOVED from Fortnite after they...
2019-04-10 7:06:45 PM ● 1,239,564 views ● 10:37 95.50% liked
Ninja Explains Why You SHOULD NEVER Land At ANY Of These Spots In Fortnite...
In todays video we have Ninja explaining why you should NEVER land at any of THESE spots in Fortnite! This made a lot of people upset about his...
2019-04-09 7:00:52 PM ● 389,374 views ● 10:11 95.46% liked
Ninja Was SHOCKED After A Stream Sniper Got BANNED In The MIDDLE Of Their Fight!
In todays video we have Ninja being SHOCKED after the guy who was kept joining his games ended up getting BANNED while they were fighting! Let...
2019-04-08 7:10:13 PM ● 426,091 views ● 10:39 95.94% liked
Ninja & 99 Players Landed At The New DIG SITE To Activate The EVENT Together!
In todays video we have Ninja landing at the new DIG SITE with every player in the lobby helping him activate the new event together! Let me...
2019-04-07 10:36:16 AM ● 585,048 views ● 10:21 95.58% liked
Tfue Tried Helping Symfuhny Get A GIRLFRIEND But Ended Up Getting ATTACKED By Corinna Kopf!
In todays video we have Tfue trying to help Symfuhny get a new GIRLFRIEND but instead make Corinna upset and she ATTACKS him! Let me know what...
2019-04-06 12:26:04 PM ● 634,894 views ● 10:38 95.97% liked
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Ninja Explains How Tfue TURNED The Community AGAINST Him & Why It's NOT Fair!
In todays video we have Ninja explaining how Tfue is turning the Fortnite community against him with his opinion of the update! Let me know what...
2019-04-05 7:11:46 PM ● 740,899 views ● 10:17 95.31% liked
Tfue Explains Why SOLO'S Are NOT Competitive & Take NO Skill! Fortnite Getting BANNED In UK?!
In todays video we have Tfue explaining and showing off why he thinks SOLO'S are NOT competitive and take no skill to win! Also, Fortnite could...
2019-04-04 7:17:15 PM ● 277,535 views ● 11:03 93.85% liked