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Happy Death Day 2u: Ending Explained | Full Movie Spoiler Talk
In this ending explained video I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about Happy Death Day 2U including the twist ending and...
2019-02-12 3:12:55 PM ● 953 views ● 4:14 83.67% liked
Russian Doll: Season Two Explained: Everything We Can Expect From Season 2 + Release Date
In this new Season Two video I will be discussing everything that we can expect from the second season of the Netflix Original Show: Russian...
2019-02-12 10:43:04 AM ● 275 views ● 4:22 94.44% liked
The Walking Dead: Season 9: Mid Season Premiere: Ending Explained & Breakdown Episode 9: Adaptation
In this new Walking Dead Episode Recap video I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about the Mid Season premiere of Season...
2019-02-12 12:39:09 AM ● 280 views ● 3:58 100.00% liked
The Walking Dead
Happy Death Day: Full Movie Story Recap & Ending Explained In 4 Minutes | Road To Happy Death Day 2U
In this Full Movie Story Recap and Ending Explained Video I will be discussing the hit horror film Happy Death Day to get you fully caught up...
2019-02-11 10:49:49 AM ● 568 views ● 4:10 86.96% liked
Aladdin 2019: Official Trailer Explained Review: Everything You Missed | All Easter Eggs
In this new Trailer Explained Breakdown I'll be discussing everything that you missed from the 2019 remake of Aladdin, starring Will Smith as...
2019-02-11 12:45:56 AM ● 1,813 views ● 3:27 81.08% liked
Aladdin (1993)
Avengers: Endgame Test Screening Reaction: Run time, Hulk Theory Confirmed and Plot Synopsis | NEWS
In this Movie News video I will be discussing the Avengers: Endgame First Test Screening Reactions, the 3 Hour Runtime News and the Professor...
2019-02-09 2:23:46 PM ● 1,897 views ● 4:21 94.44% liked
Child's Play 2019 Official First Trailer | MOVIE TRAILERS
The first trailer for the Child's Play 2019 remake is finally here and as always we've got you covered with the first look at the movie. All...
2019-02-08 7:31:31 AM ● 882 views ● 1:28 100.00% liked
The Prodigy: Ending Explained | Serial Killer Kids + My Spoiler Talk Review
In this new ending explained video I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about the new 2019 horror movie: The Prodigy. There...
2019-02-08 5:01:00 AM ● 1,822 views ● 4:15 92.68% liked
Child's Play 2019: Official Teaser Trailer Explained
In this video I will be breaking down everything that you missed and giving my thoughts on the Child's Play 2019 Official Teaser Trailer. This...
2019-02-08 1:59:13 AM ● 9,228 views ● 3:34 84.93% liked
Avengers: Endgame: Fan Theory: Why Thanos Failed And Was Wrong | Snap Consequences Explained
In this video I will be discussing why The Snap by Thanos failed and left the world completely ruined as we saw in the recent Avengers: Endgame:...
2019-02-07 10:00:14 AM ● 446 views ● 3:10 86.11% liked