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Welcome to MiscatSquad (All Ages of Geek), a loud and funny, family fun entertainment gaming channel that includes walkthroughs and reviews and discusses all kinds of games for all ages, creates comedy skits, reactions, gives creative advice, and has lots of talk shows! If you want to go on an adventure with this hilarious Squad, then hurry Subscribe and join the family!

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Miscat and IRELIA 🗡️ | League of Legends Spotlight Saturdays
It's time for more League of Legends Spotlight Saturdays and this time we're discussing, reacting and reviewing Irelia's gameplay, skins, and...
2019-03-24 3:05:23 PM ● 5,430 views ● 13:10 99.16% liked
Living with ADHD as Anime Fans | POP FILTER PODCAST #6
On today's episode of the Pop Filter Podcast Kat and Erik talk about how they have lived with ADHD since they were kids and how it has affected...
2019-03-24 12:21:07 PM ● 689 views ● 37:41 98.25% liked
League of Legends Champion Tales | Demacia, Freljord & Ionia
On this episode of League of Legends Champion Tales we visit, explore and even roleplay in Demacia, Freljord and Ionia while learning all about...
2019-03-23 5:01:18 PM ● 7,479 views ● 1:18:07 98.88% liked
Miscat and AATROX! | League of Legends Spotlight Saturdays
On this episode of League of Legends: Spotlight Saturdays we're reacting to Aatrox's skins, gameplay, abilities and more while giving thoughts...
2019-03-23 2:03:17 PM ● 6,084 views ● 16:41 99.41% liked
Miscat has a FOOD FIGHT! 🍗 | RWBY Volume 2 Chapter 1
It's finally time for RWBY Volume 2 and we're opening it with a BIG food fight scene with Ruby, Weiss, Yang and Blake. Catch up to RWBY episodes...
2019-03-21 5:28:13 PM ● 13,107 views ● 29:14 98.92% liked
Miscat Reacts to NEW RWBY Beans! | RWBY Vol 2 OP
It's time to react to RWBY Volume 2 OP and chat about my thoughts about the OP and the direction I think Volume 2 may be heading. Got a RWBY...
2019-03-21 4:16:48 PM ● 7,478 views ● 19:45 97.57% liked
Miscat Reacts to RWBY AURA! | World of Remnant: Aura
It's time to learn all about Aura from RWBY World of Remnant. This is the last World of Remnant from Volume 2 and I think it's about time I took...
2019-03-21 2:05:37 PM ● 4,977 views ● 13:42 98.63% liked
K/DA - POP/STARS Dance Makes Miscat FANGIRL!
It's time to react to K/DA - POP/STARS Dance Behind the Scenes from League of Legends. One day I'm going to attempt this dance and if we get...
2019-03-19 5:13:02 PM ● 8,305 views ● 10:27 98.66% liked
Miscat REACTS to LilyPichu!
Today LilyPichu explains what League of Legends is and why you guys should play it! I agree that I'd be much more fit for just casual plays of...
2019-03-19 3:18:13 PM ● 9,146 views ● 10:44 98.87% liked
On this episode of Squad Reacts Game Day we react to What is League of Legends? Told by DaveC! I'm one step closer to getting even more involved...
2019-03-19 2:14:52 PM ● 8,489 views ● 9:45 98.79% liked