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HELLO MY FELLOW SPONGEHOG! Welcome to my channel, where I cover all sorts of things Sonic and Spongebob related, along with other video game content according to my spongy mood. Check out my content and feel free to follow me on twitter or check out my Discord server the Spongy Garden to chat with other spongehogs!

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Loud House - Save The Date REACTION
A LOUD HOUSE reaction?! Yep, today we will be watching Save The Date from the show! I actually had filmed this all the way back in November and...
2019-04-15 1:00:11 PM ● 665 views ● 11:39 92.59% liked
Sega PREPARES For Sonic Adventure Remake 2019?!
Is Sega in the beginning stages of a SONIC ADVENTURE REMAKE in 2019?! That may very well be the case as Sega has just hired back one of the key...
2019-04-13 1:00:00 PM ● 31,189 views ● 7:59 94.25% liked
Spongebob dies because of me
FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH!: https://www.twitch.tv/riders8d DON'T CLICK THIS: https://bit.ly/2KkFw1z #RidersDX #Sonic #Spongebob If you all like this...
2019-04-12 9:44:57 PM ● 1,091 views ● 1:01:01 96.55% liked
Why Team Sonic Racing Isn't Exciting
Team Sonic Racing comes out in a little over a month, but how many people actually care about it? In this video, I discuss the overerall marketing...
2019-04-10 2:00:54 PM ● 11,695 views ● 13:35 73.28% liked
Crash Twinsanity NEEDS a Remake!!
Crash Twinsanity was an epic adventure that introduced so many Crash fans like myself to an amazing franchise! With the recent remakes coming...
2019-04-09 9:39:20 AM ● 1,672 views ● 14:09 97.08% liked
Turning Sonic Forces Into An RPG!!
Sonic Forces left a huge impression on the Sonic community...but not in the most positive light. So a question I posed is what if I was able...
2019-04-07 7:27:43 PM ● 2,839 views ● 24:56 96.55% liked
Spongebob Goes To ATLANTIC CITY in It's A Wonderful Sponge?!
Spongebob has been SPOTTED in ATLANTIS err I mean ATLANTIC CITY in the brand new Spongebob movie It's A Wonderful Sponge! Why and how has Spongebob...
2019-04-06 6:02:19 AM ● 3,540 views ● 9:33 97.76% liked
Sonic 2019 Movie Trailer UNVEILED at CinemaCon?!
THE SONIC 2019 MOVIE TRAILER IS OUT! Except we can't actually see it, yet. BUT, we have the next best thing, which is numerous people in the...
2019-04-04 9:50:25 PM ● 10,735 views ● 14:03 95.96% liked
My NEW Secret...
Want a chance to guess it and possibly get to request a video on ANY TOPIC of your choice?? Get to my Discord server and start guessing!!! Join...
2019-04-03 2:58:12 PM ● 1,492 views ● 6:18 96.36% liked
Sonic 2019 Movie GAME Tie-In CONFIRMED?!
Is a Sonic 2019 Movie GAME coming our way? SonicHQ has recently just broke an insane story with LOTS of details about an upcoming video game...
2019-04-01 10:30:15 AM ● 24,947 views ● 10:13 94.25% liked