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Greetings ladies and gentlemen! Allow me to give you a brief synopsis of my history on YouTube and what I do on this profile in particular. My name is Renegade Operative. I am a long time, veteran content creator and a routine gamer who's been around since 2013 on this website.

My goal of the channel has been pretty self-explanatory and there’s something for everyone as I’d like to be able to provide people with highly edited content, entertainment, let’s plays, comedic sketches, podcasts, comic book discussions, anime topics, opinionated pieces on the history of video games with their progression from the past, to the present & future.

I’ve always been a good opportunist who strikes a match on unique ideas and fresh collaborations too. I hope that you join on this journey with me. All the relevant links to everything will be down below for you to check out. Once again welcome to the garden of madness. E-mail me for inquiries at:

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo Speedrun - Personal Best: 3:16 (PC)
Not a world record or anything, but not bad either. Also lol at the troll who said I couldn't speedrun this game. - ►General info PayPal:
2019-01-13 12:44:43 AM ● 91 views ● 3:55 88.89% liked
Weaponized Comics Podcast - Punisher S2 Trailer Discussion | Batman Beyond Anniversary | DCAU Future
We're back with the 7th entry into the Weaponized Comics Podcast series! Today we cover some routine news about rumors surrounding the DCAU with...
2019-01-12 11:05:46 PM ● 44 views ● 35:18 83.33% liked
Renegade Plays: Resident Evil 2 Remake - 1 Shot Demo Livestream
Return to the Raccoon City Department with a demo playthrough of Resident Evil 2 remake. I got this early from having a New Zealand PSN account....
2019-01-10 7:49:11 PM ● 111 views ● 39:12 76.92% liked
Let's Play
So...Liking Lewd Anime Makes You A Child Predator IRL? + More - Real Talk
(Sources are cited down below.) After getting my final block from Blackbond, the last WWP guy who had me unblocked on Twitter, so I decided to...
2019-01-08 2:28:49 AM ● 403 views ● 16:57 98.21% liked
Renegade Plays - Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS - The Heist (Part 2/LIVESTREAM)
Played on Ultimate difficulty aka VERY HARD mode. Support the stream archive: - ►General info PayPal:...
2019-01-06 10:05:44 PM ● 19 views ● 1:23:14 50.00% liked
Marvel's Spider-Man
Let's Play
Renegade Plays: Resident Evil Code Veronica X Livestream - Part 1
Everything you've ever feared and more... - ►General info PayPal: IAS Podcast on Google Play:
2019-01-06 3:36:00 PM ● 39 views ● 1:13:09 100.00% liked
Let's Play
DMC5 Lady's Facial Controversy - Overexaggeration At It's Finest - Real Talk
((WARNING: I have a stuffy nose so I might sound off in this video.)) Of all the things people can complain about they're really saying that...
2019-01-02 12:36:31 PM ● 689 views ● 11:36 90.91% liked
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Spoiler Review - The Best Spider-Man Film Yet
Heck are you doing here? Go see this movie now if you HAVEN'T already. - ►General info PayPal: IAS Podcast...
2018-12-28 7:34:30 PM ● 90 views ● 8:58 91.67% liked
The Episodic Discussion Podcast: Devil May Cry
Let's rock for the craziest hack n slash series out there. This is our Episodic Discussion for the entire OG Devil May Cry series! The Cast:...
2018-12-25 1:59:05 AM ● 203 views ● 2:44:01 94.44% liked
Raimi Suit Confirmed!! (Spider-Man PS4)  - Harassing A Company For A Suit You Didn't Deserve Lol
Different day, same shit. - ►General info PayPal: IAS Podcast on Google Play: IAS...
2018-12-20 9:24:27 AM ● 530 views ● 4:25 84.09% liked