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I started this channel a few years ago and had no idea what I was doing. Now I'm back again, re-vamping the whole idea and seeing how far I can take this thing. Subscribe to follow my journey, someone who is going to go from no experience with video editing and uploading with YouTube, to hopefully, someone who is, well, at least generally experienced. Enjoy!

So update--I have been working on a setup where I am going to test the waters with a couple of videos. They're probably going to be some sort of "best clips from Halo 5 online gameplay", or something along those lines. I'm not the best Halo 5 player, but I've got some funny clips that I catch now and then, and some pretty sick shots and whatnot too. However, with my current setup, it will take me a couple of weeks, probably, to collect enough footage to string together.

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Halo 5 Best Parts
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