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Nerdy Old Gamer is a Danish content creator on YouTube with over 3.16 thousand subscribers. His content totals roughly 474.09 thousand views views across at least 2.5 thousand videos.

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Hi guys, I'm NOG... I play lots of different games, mostly builders and strategy games, but other stuff will sneak it's way on here from time to time.

As the channel name indicates, I am no spring chicken, but I still love gaming. I especially love games where my wits are tested, and I am challenged by the complexity of the gameplay, rather than the complexity of the controls.

I play games like Factorio, Factory Town, Total War: Warhammer, Kerbal Space Program, Surviving Mars, Hearts of Iron IV, Transport Fever, Civilization and many other games. Some of these games may not be on the channel at the moment, but they probably will be some day.

I've been a gamer since the 80's... yeah, as I said, no spring chicken... but I still find it incredibly enjoyable!

I'm danish, but currently live in Thailand, where I met my wonderful girlfriend, soon to be wife.

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