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I was introduced to the world of video games by none other than my amazing gaming grandmother. Upon receiving a SNES at the age of five I immediately became hooked on Super Mario World and A Link to the Past, and before my family and I knew it Barbie dolls and pink princessy-things were being replaced by video games and consoles. Twenty-three years and thousands of games later, it's abundantly clear this industry is my passion...and that I may have a slight problem. But don't tell anyone.

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Ask Britt Shit #42!
YOU ASKED I ANSWERED. Happy Friday to ye! *** Find my podcast! Find me on Twitter!
2017-11-10 2:57:58 PM ● 10,038 views ● 8:00 95.56% liked
Video Game Haul #50!
OH SNAPPLE. I didn't realize this was the 50th video or I would've made a strange noise to celebrate. Just imagine it in your head, maybe? My...
2017-11-08 3:27:11 PM ● 7,302 views ● 8:57 96.30% liked
Xbox One X Unboxing Weirdness!
HEY FRIENDS! Long time no talk! Hope you're well and swell and all of those good things. Seriously let's grab coffee or some shit. ANYWAY LET'S...
2017-11-02 11:14:40 AM ● 10,632 views ● 8:19 91.58% liked
Ask Britt Shit #41!
YOU ASKED I ANSWERED. Happy Friday to ye! *** Find me on Twitter! Find me on Facebook!
2017-07-21 5:33:38 PM ● 7,802 views ● 5:21 97.13% liked
FRIENDS I HAVE MISSED YOU. Let's briefly catch up so we can return to our usual shenanigans! Check out our new podcast!
2017-07-20 3:48:27 PM ● 9,425 views ● 4:12 97.96% liked
Britt Plays Outlast II (Part 1)
Prepare for vulgarity and ear-shattering screams. Seriously. Also, I originally typo'd ear"shaRtering" and it was pretty funny. RIP,...
2017-05-03 8:18:21 PM ● 3,546 views ● 36:04 92.59% liked
Outlast 2
Outlast 2 (2017)
Let's Play
Persona 5: Take Your Heart Edition Unboxing
Now that I'm 70+ hours into Persona 5 I figure I appreciate the game enough to appreciate the contents within this rad collector's edition. The...
2017-05-01 11:21:44 AM ● 6,104 views ● 6:16 94.16% liked
Persona 5
Persona 5 (2016)
PlayStation 4
Britt and Dad Play Death Squared
This was a bad, bad idea. So, uh, here are the highlights. (Trust me, you don't want to see the full video.) DISCLAIMER DEATH SQUARED IS A SUPER...
2017-04-25 3:27:06 PM ● 1,813 views ● 3:55 93.94% liked
Britt and Dad Play: Super Mario World (Part 12)
A series during which my dad and I play video games. He's not that great at them, but that's half (most) of the fun. *** Find me on Twitter!...
2017-04-11 3:38:36 PM ● 2,306 views ● 23:06 95.56% liked
Ask Britt Shit #40!
YOU ASKED I ANSWERED. Happy Sunday to ye! (I ARE LATE, SORRY) *** Find me on Twitter! Find me on Facebook!...
2017-04-09 3:57:31 PM ● 6,261 views ● 5:46 96.66% liked