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Welcome to The Know, a Rooster Teeth channel! The Know brings you all the details on what's happening in the worlds of gaming, entertainment, technology, and science. Want to know what's happening? Want to know why it matters? We've got everything you need to stay in the know.

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Steam CONTROLLING Small Developers? - The Know Gaming News
Valve made some indie developers a little upset this week when they seemed to announce that they were going to start limiting free Steam keys....
2017-08-18 8:00:00 PM ● 3,930 views ● 5:52 91.62% liked
Switch WINS July + Fishing Planet 2 EXTREME 4 U + GPU Price Hikes Coming? - The Know
Nintendo Switch moved big numbers in July, Michael Pachter takes a few shots at Xbox One X, there's a multiplayer mod for Super Mario 64, Fishing...
2017-08-18 4:21:06 PM ● 1,701 views ● 9:40 92.06% liked
Indie Games SABOTAGING THEMSELVES? - The Know Game News
It's tough to be an indie game developer. For every hit like Undertale or Stardew Valley there are thousands that languish in obscurity. And...
2017-08-18 7:00:01 AM ● 987 views ● 10:12 90.07% liked
Crackdown 3 IN TROUBLE? - The Know Game News
Xbox One's first party lineup for the year just got a bit thinner with the loss of Crackdown 3, which is out of 2017 and into 2018. Written By:...
2017-08-17 8:00:01 PM ● 7,700 views ● 7:42 91.69% liked
Xbox One
Uncharted Lives On + Xbox One X Pre-order Details + AMD Vega REVIEWED - The Know
Reviews are out for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Want to know when to pre-order an Xbox One X? Those details incoming. AMD Radeon Vega reviews...
2017-08-17 2:11:05 PM ● 9,630 views ● 9:35 97.11% liked
Xbox One
Discord vs FREE SPEECH!? nope. - The Know Tech News
Discord's in the spotlight for banning a server belonging to the Alt Right political group, with similar moves following from GoDaddy, Reddit,...
2017-08-16 8:00:00 PM ● 127,385 views ● 9:46 82.43% liked
REJECTED for Nintendo Switch + PUBG Passes LoL + HBO Airs Game of Thrones EARLY - The Know
Looks like the "most shocking" game ever, Night Trap, won't be coming to Nintendo Switch. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has passed...
2017-08-16 2:00:03 PM ● 140,110 views ● 9:12 96.17% liked
Walking Dead Creator SUES Network Over SCAM - The Know TV News
No, this isn't Deja Vu. In addition to being under suit by the show's original showrunner, AMC is now being sued by Walking Dead creator Robert...
2017-08-16 7:00:05 AM ● 89,717 views ● 6:17 94.38% liked
Blizzard Admits BIG MISTAKE - The Know Game News
We all make mistakes. But you don't mess with, even if you're Blizzard. You know what happens when you try to rename it? Everyone...
2017-08-15 8:00:00 PM ● 216,577 views ● 6:32 93.42% liked
Crash Bandicoot Rivals COD + Destiny's Steam MISTAKE + Game of Thrones Leak ARREST - The Know
Crash Bandicoot is putting up Call of Duty-level sales domination weeks in the UK. Destiny transactions briefly appeared on Steam but Bungie...
2017-08-15 2:30:35 PM ● 125,515 views ● 10:17 96.15% liked