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This channel I made years ago because I didn't quite understand how YouTube worked. My name's Alec Pavlik, so through some convoluted logic I've been known as Apav in the gaming community. When I started posting videos here, I just wanted to make videos of cool stuff that people might like- such as action videos, video game videos and some comedy stuff. Later I got a PVR and moved mostly to gaming. I'd like to share the fun I have while playing games, and also help more people get into the hobby. I'm a believer in Christ, a PlayStation fanboy and a Nintendo & Sega collector.

Editing Software:
'11-'12 iMovie HD
'12-'16 iMovie 9
Current Final Cut Pro X

Age: 22 years old

Interests: Jesus, People, Gaming, Video Production, Winter, Target Shooting, 'Murica, Christian Metalcore and Punk Rock.

Please Note:
Anyone on Twitter or PSN called "Apav" is not me. My Twitter account is "@apav35" and PSN is "apav5s_youtube"

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