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Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4 2015) - Also known as Tank Simulator 2015 - The Backlog
We loved the Arkham series. Does the final episode live up to it's predecessors? Kinda... 👕TEEPUBLIC ➤
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Batman: Arkham Knight
New Pokémon on Switch confirmed for THIS YEAR? - WDL Ep 111
New Rumors around the next Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch have people pinning it to a 2018 release. How likely is it? Bandai Namco is...
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The BEST Black Panther Story: Black Panther by Christopher Priest
Need a good Black Panther comic to read before you go see the movie? Or did you just come out of the movie and need more from the King of Wakanda?...
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Playing a Nintendo Switch on a HUGE 120" Screen
🔴I'M LIVE ON TWITCH NOW playing OWLBOY: From 7 inches to 120 inches, how good can the Switch possibly look when...
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MX vs. ATV Unleashed (PS2 2005) - There's a stack of these in every game store - The Backlog
You've seen this game before. It might have even come with your PlayStation 2. But did you actually PLAY it? There are SO MANY MX vs ATV games,...
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Nintendo Acknowledges Mario's Nipples & The Toad Hat Controversy - WDL Ep 110
Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi finally tackles the hard questions. Is Nintendo holding back Virtual Console on purpose? Is a Sonic...
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Will SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY be about the Kessel Run?
We finally got a trailer (TWO trailers in fact!) for Solo: A Star Wars Story. With that, Will sees if he can figure out what famous moments from...
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Best D-Pads and Retro Controllers for the Nintendo Switch (8BITDO, BASSTOP)
Some 2D sidescrollers demand more control. When a thumbstick just doesn't cut it, the Joy-Con's directional pad doesn't provide a good solution...
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Rock Band 3 (Xbox 360 2010) - The Downfall of Plastic Instruments - The Backlog
We were huge fans of the Rock Band series and the music peripheral movement, until it's very fast downfall. After all of the smoke clears (and...
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Nintendo Switch Online Service Finally Dated - WDL Ep 109
LOT'S of Nintendo news dropping RIGHT BEFORE we went live. We also go over the Playstation Plus and Xbox Live free games for the month of February....
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