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Let's Play By Request - Let's Play Profile

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About Let's Play By Request

Welcome to Let's Play by Request!

Ever wanted to see a Let's Play done, but never having you suggestions fulfilled? Well this channel is 100% dedicated to doing the Let's Plays you have always wanted to see. All you have to do is request a system and game, and I will play it to the best of my ability if I own the game.

Each Let's Play will also include real time commentary to capture the exact feelings, frustrations and victories as they happen.

Comments of any sort (related to content) are welcome on videos and this channel, including any sort of criticism to help improve videos.

Let's try and play them all!

To see which games you can request, please visit:


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**BLIND** Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Part 32 - Ansem Reports
Before I go and tackle the final area, I want to try some of the extra things mentioned by people and read Ansem reports. Follow me @PlayRequest!...
2017-11-20 11:02:13 AM ● 3 views ● 1:02:50
**BLIND** Ys Origin Part 8 - Sir Yunica
It seems all this adventuring has finally paid off for Yunica! Follow me @PlayRequest! plus.google.com/+LetsPlayByRequest View the game collection:...
2017-11-19 2:08:46 PM ● 6 views ● 1:05:44 100.00% liked
**BLIND** Ys Origin Part 7 - Missing Cleria Ore
The Construct was hard but patience prevailed! This new area seems way too tough, maybe something missing? Follow me @PlayRequest! plus.google.com/+LetsPlayByRequest...
2017-11-18 4:58:14 PM ● 5 views ● 59:35
Wanted - You!
Small acknowledgement to all my subscribers which brought me to 500 a little under 5 years! Now let's get to business, I am opening up to people...
2017-11-18 4:33:24 PM ● 24 views ● 3:00 100.00% liked
**BLIND** Super Hydlide Part 11 - Varalys
This boss almost seems impossible! That's almost... Follow me @PlayRequest! plus.google.com/+LetsPlayByRequest View the game collection: http://lpbyrequest.host56.com...
2017-11-17 2:33:55 PM ● 2 views ● 1:01:22
**BLIND** Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Part 31 - Entrance to Kingdom Hearts
Seems the last stretch of the game is here based on what Riku said. Now I need to decide how much stuff I want to do before entering. Follow...
2017-11-16 2:38:13 PM ● 49 views ● 57:45 100.00% liked
**BLIND** Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Part 30 - Reunion
After what I can only call "shit happens" for the moment, everyone finally gets to have a true reunion. Plus a new party member! Follow...
2017-11-15 12:27:33 PM ● 48 views ● 1:02:57 100.00% liked
**BLIND** Rabi-Ribi Extra 1 - Relearning
Bet you didn't expect me to continue this game! Well there is some extra content to do with the DLC. Unfortunately like I expected I am rusty...
2017-11-14 6:15:05 PM ● 16 views ● 55:17 100.00% liked
**BLIND** Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Part 29 - Riku's New Look
Okay now things are starting to get weird. We sorta meet Riku again, but not how we're used to him. Follow me @PlayRequest! plus.google.com/+LetsPlayByRequest...
2017-11-13 6:08:49 PM ● 54 views ● 58:16 100.00% liked
**BLIND** Super Mario Odyssey Part 4 - Messy Forest
Seems they took some inspiration from Mario Sunshine for this level. Follow me @PlayRequest! plus.google.com/+LetsPlayByRequest View the game...
2017-11-12 3:59:20 PM ● 6 views ● 57:45