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Hey, I'm Drae

I'm an Indie-focused gaming channel that produces at least one new video every day and I have been doing so for the past 5 years. I don't stick to one game or genre so if a flavour is your spice of life, you came to the right place!


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Hacking Into A Heavily Guarded Mansion Fortress - The Largest Mansion Yet! - Thief Simulator
Hacking Into A Guarded Mansion Fortress - The Largest Mansion Yet! - Thief Simulator Welcome back to Thief Simulator! Today we're finally entering...
2019-01-14 12:20:03 PM ● 36,828 views ● 20:27 98.78% liked
Metal Gear Solid Invades Besiege - The Craziest Naval Creations - Besiege Best Creations
Welcome back to the Best Besiege Creations, this week it's all about Metal Gear Solid & More amazing naval designs. I hope you enjoyed this...
2019-01-13 12:58:38 PM ● 66,958 views ● 18:30 98.38% liked
Besiege (2015)
The Greed Army Is Here! - Battle of Good and Evil - Kingdom Two Crowns Gameplay
Welcome back to Kingdom Two Crowns! Today we're pushing the Greed out of the second world and as per usual, not everything goes perfectly as...
2019-01-12 8:00:00 AM ● 38,102 views ● 27:57 99.15% liked
Advanced Scientific Civilization Vs An Evil God! - Releasing A Deadly Plague - Simmiland Gameplay
Welcome back to Simmiland! Today I build an advanced civilization that struggles with modern medication. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Simmiland,...
2019-01-11 8:08:07 AM ● 4,616 views ● 31:04 96.54% liked
SKATER XL - This Is The SKATE 4 We Have Been Waiting For? - Moddable Realistic Skateboarding Game
Today we're taking a look at the very promising Skater XL. Skater XL comes from the people who brought you Skater, which reached #1 sports game...
2019-01-10 9:48:37 AM ● 33,039 views ● 12:04 97.06% liked
Stopping A Train With Rico's Face! - Breaking The Laws of Physics in Just Cause 4
Welcome back to Just Cause 4! Today we're testing out what we can do with the Armored Train in Just Cause 4 and I quickly break all the laws...
2019-01-09 8:45:17 AM ● 71,577 views ● 23:11 97.59% liked
When A Bug Swarm Destroys Entire City in Bug Academy - Physics-based Insect Destruction!
Ever wanted to be a bug? Ever wanted to be a swarm of bugs that can lift cows? Well now you can in Bug Academy. Bug Academy is an upcoming physics-based...
2019-01-08 9:53:25 AM ● 58,731 views ● 26:16 97.94% liked
A New Challenge Mode Appears - Building Crazy Vehicles for Crazy Stunts! - Scrap Mechanic Gameplay
Scrap Mechanic recently has been updated with a new Challenge Mode so we're checking it out and seeing what has changed since we last looked...
2019-01-07 8:56:06 AM ● 34,111 views ● 21:59 98.75% liked
Water Physics In Besiege! - The Best Vehicle Sandbox & Thomasaurus Rex - Besiege Best Creations
Welcome back to Besiege and this week is a big one! We check out one of the most impressive vehicle sandboxes I've seen, a new water-physics...
2019-01-06 10:15:13 AM ● 91,319 views ● 16:32 98.70% liked
Besiege (2015)
Giant Whale Destroy's Sailboat in Trailmakers - Trailmakers Best Creations
Welcome back to Trailmakers! Today we're checking out some of the coolest Trailmakers designs the Trailmakers community has made. I hope you...
2019-01-05 12:38:26 PM ● 56,361 views ● 15:26 98.79% liked