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Welcome to my horse channel!
Enjoy super fun family friendly videos all about horses! I'm crazy about horses so you will find videos of playset toy reviews, openings, surprise blind bags, movie series, do it yourself (diy) projects, vlogs about my own horses and so much other awesome things on Breyer Horses (traditional, classics, stablemates, mini whinnies), Schleich, Safari, My Little Pony and more.

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Amazing Cloud World ! Rainbow Race + Gold Horse Shoes - Star Stable Online
The cloud world is back!!! Ride your horse high in the sky, jumping on soft puffy clouds, swim in the rain pool, and race around on rainbows!...
2018-08-19 4:28:29 PM ● 26,350 views ● 7:18 97.84% liked
Let's Play
Makeover ! New Clay Mane DIY Custom Breyer Horse Painting Craft Video
This black horse is going to get a makeover! Watch as I use air dry clay to make him a brand new mane, paint him to give him a new cool look....
2018-08-18 4:15:34 PM ● 83,065 views ● 10:39 96.36% liked
Horse Crazy Surprise Blind Bags ! Breyer Horses Stablemates Series 2
Get ready to meet the newest Stablemates Horses!!! This is the Horse Crazy series 2 surprise blind bags! Which horses will I find? Can I find...
2018-08-17 4:52:58 PM ● 56,417 views ● 6:17 95.89% liked
Lucky's House + Horses Sets ! Spirit Riding Free Playmobil Playset Haul
The Spirit Riding Free Playmobil Playsets are here! Check out all the different playsets with Spirit, Chica Linda, and Boomerang. Lucky's dad...
2018-08-13 7:29:08 PM ● 35,882 views ● 9:31 97.17% liked
Let's Play
It's HERE!!!!! Yay!!! All my mail from Breyerfest 2018 made it!!! Let's see what super special fan mail is inside. Thank you so much again to...
2018-08-10 6:04:01 PM ● 31,085 views ● 16:30 96.96% liked
Surprise Blind Bags + Custom DIY Horses ! Breyerfest Fan Mail :D
It's HERE!!!!! Yay!!! All my mail from Breyerfest 2018 made it!!! Let's see what super special fan mail is inside. Thank you so much again to...
2018-08-09 9:01:30 PM ● 22,877 views ● 15:59 96.49% liked
Lost Sisters? Star Stable Online Game Play With Honey Hearts C
Who is the new girl in Star Stable Online? Can she be trusted? Or will she be my new bff? Maybe Spirit and I can find her long lost sister that...
2018-08-07 5:38:11 PM ● 24,328 views ● 16:31 97.11% liked
Star Stable Online
Let's Play
Horse Under A Microscope ! What Do Pet Horses + Ponies Look Like ?
What do my horses look like under a microscope? Let's see as we check out Sugar, Treat, Goldie, and Farrah's coat, mane, hoof and more under...
2018-08-05 5:24:03 PM ● 91,843 views ● 6:24 95.01% liked
Wagon Ride + Picnic ! Playmobil + Spirit Riding Free Horse Play Video
Two kids are taking a wagon ride out into the wild to have a picnic. Is that a lady bug horse? Amy follows it to find out. But careful! You are...
2018-08-03 8:18:36 PM ● 31,074 views ● 3:47 96.38% liked
Jump Roping Horse , Super Dogs ! Breyerfest 2018 Horses Vlog Video
What is Breyerfest like? Check out my experience video for all the fun checking out Breyer model horses, real horses, cute dogs, special run,...
2018-08-01 8:40:34 PM ● 65,347 views ● 10:02 97.55% liked