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United States

sawbutt is an American content creator on YouTube with around 18 thousand subscribers. His content totals approximately 5.18 million views views across 208 videos.

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About sawbutt

Hello I'm sawbutt and I am a guy who makes videos on the internet and watches way too much family guy.

I am just a 16 year old who just want to make people happy and makes videos to brighten people's days. On this channel you will find a variety of videos manly on the game fnf and you find mostly memes and vocoded content but I am not afraid to try something new. I also upload almost daily so you always have something to look forward to. Hope you enjoy my content.

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Q: What software you use to edit your videos
A: It is a free editing software called shotcut it is like kinemaster but for computers go try it out it is free

Q: what is your profile pic
A: I found it on google images and it is really funny. It was made by cynicallysly on newgrounds so please go support him.
He said I can use his art in this community post I made.

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