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A channel for those who enjoy all things geeky. We cover comics during the week and then on the weekend we do video games and movie reviews. Kind of a Geek Grab Bag.

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Let's Reboot Amalgam Comics - Comic Class
So all week long Marvel has been teasing drawings of their heroes merged together and I can't be the only person who's mind went right to Amalgam...
2018-06-21 9:30:28 PM ● 2,298 views ● 45:52 98.32% liked
Our Favorite Justice League Run - Thorgi's Picks
In honor of Scott Snyder's Justice League run being the big hot book of the summer, we've decided we're going to go back today on Thorgi's Picks...
2018-06-20 9:20:37 PM ● 971 views ● 17:04 98.02% liked
Detroit Become Human - The Adventures of Clancy Brown and His Robot Buddy - Game Room
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Blade Runner was remade by David Cage? No? Too bad it's here... and it's actually not that bad....
2018-06-19 4:45:50 PM ● 271 views ● 30:18 96.77% liked
Incredibles 2 - Post Geekout Reaction
The Incredibles are back and even though it's only been a day for them we've been waiting fourteen years for this day. Was it worth it? Find...
2018-06-18 9:35:41 PM ● 1,008 views ● 47:41 100.00% liked
ThorgE3 - Top 10 Games of the Show
Time to say goodbye to another E3 but before we go there were so many darn good looking games this year I just have to talk about them one last...
2018-06-17 5:56:52 PM ● 1,300 views ● 27:46 98.15% liked
Tag - Post Geekout Reaction
Remember Game Night from earlier this year? Yeah now imagine it but not as good. If you enjoyed our review and want to see more from us then...
2018-06-16 1:29:59 PM ● 387 views ● 42:10 100.00% liked
ThorgE3 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate - EEEEVERYONE!
Why am I giving Smash Bros their own E3 coverage show? Because I may just possibly be a little happy about this. If you want to see our live...
2018-06-14 3:03:44 PM ● 1,583 views ● 39:27 98.39% liked
ThorgE3 - Nintendo - Everything Before Smash
We're making another video a little later today just talking about Smash so on this episode we're just NO WAIT COME BACK! No really there were...
2018-06-14 1:37:02 PM ● 1,061 views ● 23:52 98.81% liked
Geoff John Changes Rolls at DC - Comic Class
Earlier this week it was announced that Geoff Johns would be stepping down from his position at DC as their Chief Creative Officer. And if you've...
2018-06-13 6:02:46 PM ● 863 views ● 19:41 98.96% liked
ThorgE3 - Sony - What Did I Just Watch?
Death Stranding still has us wondering what exactly is going on, but not nearly as much as Sony's actual press conference itself. If you want...
2018-06-13 4:09:36 PM ● 841 views ● 46:03 97.50% liked