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A channel for those who enjoy all things geeky. We cover comics during the week and then on the weekend we do video games and movie reviews. Kind of a Geek Grab Bag.

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Crazy Rich Asians - Post Geekout Reaction
It's the classic love story of girl meets boy, boy takes girl home to meet the family, family turns out to be the wealthiest family in Asia....
2018-08-17 7:22:32 PM ● 777 views ● 28:07 100.00% liked
Alpha - Post Geekout Reaction
Who would have thought the guy who named his channel after a Corgi would have a soft spot for dogs? If you want to follow us to find out when...
2018-08-17 6:29:31 PM ● 635 views ● 27:12 98.00% liked
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A Great X-Men Book For New Readers - Thorgi's Picks
Today on Thorgi's Picks I wanted to spotlight an X-Men book but the X-Men are the world's longest soap opera so it's kind of hard to just jump...
2018-08-16 2:31:24 PM ● 1,474 views ● 13:52 100.00% liked
Building the Team: Uncanny X-Men - Comic Class
This week we learned that a brand new Uncanny X-Men series is coming out and it's going to star every X-Men ever... at least for the first storyline,...
2018-08-15 6:44:17 PM ● 3,581 views ● 22:03 97.94% liked
The Meg - Post Geekout Reaction
Before school starts back up let's all take one last trip to the beach... and fight off a prehistoric monster. You know, typical Summer high...
2018-08-11 3:56:48 PM ● 1,215 views ● 26:38 100.00% liked
Slender Man - Post Geekout Raection
It's so much worse than we could have thought. Like even by Sony standards, this is justbad. Want to know how bad? Check out the review. If you...
2018-08-10 9:05:35 PM ● 1,208 views ● 55:23 97.78% liked
BlackkKlansman - Post Geekout Reaction
We're kicking off our reviews this weekend with the heaviest movie probably this entire year... man it's going to be weird talking about Slender...
2018-08-10 7:17:23 PM ● 621 views ● 36:22 100.00% liked
The Fantastic Four Return - Comic Class
This is the day so many of you have been waiting on, Marvel's First Family has finally returned to comics in today's issue... well maybe not...
2018-08-08 8:37:59 PM ● 1,763 views ● 17:48 97.69% liked
Injustice - A Good Fighting Game Comic? - Thorgi's Picks
Fighting Game comics tend to have a bit of a curse, they seem like they'd be easy to port to comics what with them having clear heroes, villains,...
2018-08-08 4:05:01 PM ● 1,321 views ● 16:08 96.52% liked
Christopher Robin - Post Geekout Reaction
Anybody out there feel like crying over your childhood? Good because Disney made a movie just for you then. If you want to follow us around the...
2018-08-03 4:04:11 PM ● 188 views ● 48:10 100.00% liked