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About Voodoo Whiskey Gaming

It's the channel where I'll be uploading Reviews hopefully every Tuesday.
These reviews are based on my opinion, let's all face it there isn't really a way to objectively review video games. And I call them late reviews for a reason, cause they'll always be after the release of the title, it's not like I get early access copies of the games.
I'm no journalist so my pieces don't really need to be objective, like I said up top they're my opinion.
I am a predominantly console gamer, but I do get on the PC from time to time, I play on the ps3, xbox 360, xbox one, and the PS4. I do not play the Nintendo wii or wii u because they just didn't appeal to me. I play a pretty much anything other than sports games I play a few racing games.
Also the banner art is not an original piece by me, it is from the Steam Summer Sale the one day the pink team (the team I was on) won.

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Hey so there was also an excellently timed demo for Resident Evil 2 Remake, that's coming out later this month. Although it is super weird that...
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Late Review of Never Alone
It's a blizzardly game, where you must explore they world of Alaska but from a mythical way. This is the late review of Never Alone. All gameplay...
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Late Review of Final Fantasy XIII
Man we're in the end of the year lull which I'll probably miss once 2019 starts there are so so many games coming out in February and March......
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Final Fantasy XIII
Late Review of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Oh man it seems like it's really real that Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming out. So in preparation for that this is the Late Review of Kingdom...
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Late Review of Just Cause 4
This is the time for a new Late Review, this time it's the Late Review of the new Just Cause, Just Cause 4. Time for a review of more open world...
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Late Review of Darksiders III
Hey it has finally happened, Darksiders III has finally been released. The fans have finally gotten what they wanted. So now is the time to find...
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Darksiders III
Late Review of Battlefield V
It's time for the Late Review of the new battle simulator Battlefield V. This is the Late Review of Battlefield V, you know it's now in WW2 since...
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Another HD re-release, another Late Review, this time of the classic PS one Spyro trilogy. It's the Late Review of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy....
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