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About Voodoo Whiskey Gaming

It's the channel where I'll be uploading Reviews hopefully every Tuesday.
These reviews are based on my opinion, let's all face it there isn't really a way to objectively review video games. And I call them late reviews for a reason, cause they'll always be after the release of the title, it's not like I get early access copies of the games.
I'm no journalist so my pieces don't really need to be objective, like I said up top they're my opinion.
I am a predominantly console gamer, but I do get on the PC from time to time, I play on the ps3, xbox 360, xbox one, and the PS4. I do not play the Nintendo wii or wii u because they just didn't appeal to me. I play a pretty much anything other than sports games I play a few racing games.
Also the banner art is not an original piece by me, it is from the Steam Summer Sale the one day the pink team (the team I was on) won.

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Late Review of Far Cry 3 Classic Edition
They decided to release an HD version of the Far Cry game that kicked off what I'd consider the Renaissance of the Far Cry games. And I couldn't...
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Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3 (2012)
Late Review of Chasm
It's time for another Late Review this time with side scrolling Metroidvania stylings. It's the Late Review of Chasm. All gameplay footage and...
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Late Review of Splinter Cell: Conviction
And the end of July Theme continues with a Late Review of the sneakiest of sneaky games, Splinter Cell: Conviction. The second to last game in...
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Late Review of Sunset Overdrive
It's the month of mourning the sequels to games that should have been announced at E3 this year. Starting with the Late Review of Sunset Overdrive....
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Late Review of Apotheon
Ahhhh summertime time to go in an clear out that queue and review/talk about some other games that I've been wanting to. So lets start with the...
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Late Review of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
HOORAY for the prequel and or prologue to DONTNOD's upcoming Life is Strange 2, or is it hooray what if it's not? Guess we'll find out in the...
2018-07-09 8:16:22 PM ● 7 views ● 5:47
Late Review of The Crew 2
Ok so it says it at the beginning but here it is again. The batteries in my mic died after like 5 seconds, so I had to use the mic built into...
2018-07-03 8:09:02 PM ● 38 views ● 6:21 100.00% liked
The Crew 2
The Crew 2 (2018)
Late Review of Darksiders Warmastered Edition
Welcome to the Apocalypse, as told by Vigil Studios and Joe Madureira (still can't pronounce his last name). Well actually it's welcome to the...
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Late Review of Vampyr
And now the Late Review of an action RPG by the makers of Remember Me and Life is Strange. Will you be a monster or will you live peacefully...
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Vampyr (2018)
Late Review of Agony
It's a game about Hell, and Agony? (Haha get it?) But seriously it's video game about hell, this week's Late Review is Agony. All gameplay footage...
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