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About Voodoo Whiskey Gaming

It's the channel where I'll be uploading Reviews hopefully every Tuesday.
These reviews are based on my opinion, let's all face it there isn't really a way to objectively review video games. And I call them late reviews for a reason, cause they'll always be after the release of the title, it's not like I get early access copies of the games.
I'm no journalist so my pieces don't really need to be objective, like I said up top they're my opinion.
I am a predominantly console gamer, but I do get on the PC from time to time, I play on the ps3, xbox 360, xbox one, and the PS4. I do not play the Nintendo wii or wii u because they just didn't appeal to me. I play a pretty much anything other than sports games I play a few racing games.
Also the banner art is not an original piece by me, it is from the Steam Summer Sale the one day the pink team (the team I was on) won.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Late Review of Spider-Man (2018)
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Late Review of Bad North
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Voodoo Whiskey Gaming Far Cry Endings OP
I think I finally figured it out. Maybe, possibly I now think I know why I couldn't get behind Far Cry 5's ending. I think having recently replayed...
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Far Cry (2004)
Late Review of Far Cry 4
Time to round out the Far Cry Revival Late Reviews. Lastly the Late Review of Far Cry 4. All gameplay footage and screenshots used in this video...
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Far Cry 4
Far Cry 4 (2014)
Late Review of Guacamelee! 2
Time to watch the Late Review that will discuss the newest game in the only game series that I've ever played that has the Mexiverse, where you...
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Late Review of We Happy Few
Sorry if the quality is a bit weird still trying to get the lighting right in the new space. And now it time for the long awaited Late Review...
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We Happy Few