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Kurtzpel Starting PvE Gameplay Unlocking Gauntlets Weapon
Just going through the side-story to unlock the Gauntlet / Fist weapon. The red hair guy looks pretty cool, maybe I should make a male later....
2019-02-21 1:08:56 PM ● 6,329 views ● 13:28 97.70% liked
Kurtzpel CBT Quick Female Character Customization Preview
I started testing Kurtzpel, me quickly going through customization I'll probably rebirth a bunch of times during this beta or something.
2019-02-21 1:06:09 PM ● 2,930 views ● 7:56 95.00% liked
Lost Ark Rohendel Monster Rush Dungeon
One of the side dungeons that was added to gamble farm stuff. If you're lucky, you can get the best accessory in the game? XD
2019-02-18 10:33:48 AM ● 3,798 views ● 8:26 95.59% liked
Lost Ark (2018)
Addicted to Apex Legends Lifeline Gameplay and My Random Highlights
Already uninstalled all my other Battle Royale games for this one XD. I'm really enjoying this game a lot, I need to play some Anthem soon.
2019-02-16 9:10:54 PM ● 5,011 views ● 18:13 91.52% liked
Ascendant One Official Release - All Characters Model - Dye System - New Voices - Shop Preview
Nexon & devCAT's Ascendant One officially launched in South Korea. Here is a complete roster preview, shop, dye system, and more~!
2019-02-14 8:56:25 PM ● 9,515 views ● 33:59 94.29% liked
Mabinogi Mobile Open Beta Gameplay
Blast from the past! Checking the game out again for Open Beta XD. They removed the auto-path system, it still has auto combat though.
2019-02-07 7:29:02 PM ● 14,461 views ● 28:01 90.14% liked
Nightmare Breaker CBT Audrey Advanced Job Gameplay
Here is Audrey's advanced job with new skills and stuff. I hope they add more characters to test in the next beta. - PC...
2019-02-05 4:42:50 PM ● 8,975 views ● 12:37 94.61% liked
Another Eden Global Ciel's Secret and The Beast King Boss Battle
Ciel side-story quest is cute? Onwards to The Beast King, Rawr! I usually grind the ticket dungeons to level up, then story again~!
2019-02-05 4:42:15 PM ● 6,274 views ● 22:58 85.14% liked
Swords of Legends Lunar Snow Town Theme and Outfit Shop Preview
I still have a lot of unspent game time left in this title, logged in for new stuff. I kind of want to buy some of the outfits, but I don't really...
2019-02-04 2:06:56 PM ● 5,687 views ● 11:29 95.59% liked
Lost Ark Rohendel Story Dungeon Land of Elements
One of the other nicer looking story dungeons in Lost Ark Rohendel. This is before the final dungeon that I posted a few days ago XD.
2019-02-03 3:13:28 PM ● 5,398 views ● 16:03 94.92% liked
Lost Ark (2018)