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Lost Ark Magician Limited Christmas Outfit and Package Preview
A lot of new outfits in the cash shop, nothing crazy or P2W added yet XD. A short preview of the package showing the costume, mount, song, etc....
2018-12-12 12:58:10 AM ● 3,611 views ● 3:39 96.18% liked
Lost Ark (2018)
Lost Ark Random PvP and PvE Adventures
Just doing other things in the game aside from raids and chaos. It's taking forever to get 500iLvl+ for the real end game epic raids.
2018-12-11 5:11:12 PM ● 2,171 views ● 14:57 98.23% liked
Lost Ark (2018)
Lost Ark World Boss Battle Briareos of Frost and Flame
Might have not gotten cucked if I wasn't busy pretending to be melee. Boss seems pretty easy though since this is my first time fighting it!...
2018-12-09 6:49:33 PM ● 222 views ● 16:35 100.00% liked
Lost Ark (2018)
Astellia Online Male Assassin Character Customization
Here is the male character customization with all the sliders previewed! I think the character ended up going full Anime look or something, lol....
2018-12-08 7:39:56 PM ● 3,443 views ● 37:21 89.29% liked
Astellia Online Female Archer Character Customization
Fanservice? Male Assassin next, even though no one watches my male customs! I didn't expect 3 special sliders for everyone's favorite part (...
2018-12-08 3:21:34 PM ● 6,330 views ● 22:01 95.29% liked
Lost Ark Dark and Ice Duo Regioros Battle Summoner Tripod Update
The Regioros twins return together with more damage and speed. Devil Hunter was soloing one. While we killed the Ice one ASAP~! The other one...
2018-12-06 4:24:25 PM ● 218 views ● 20:22 96.15% liked
Lost Ark (2018)
Blade & Soul Revolution Prologue Gameplay Mobile
The prologue is a bit similar~! Just AUTO-playing through stuff, lol. There are like two other upcoming B&S games so I might skip this.
2018-12-05 9:08:31 PM ● 3,785 views ● 12:11 91.47% liked
Blade & Soul Revolution Character Customization Mobile
Netmarble's Blade & Soul Revolution just came out today~! Here is a quick preview of the current character customization.
2018-12-05 8:14:09 PM ● 2,946 views ● 15:42 94.17% liked
Caravan Stories Christmas Event - Free Dwarf Loli - Anime MMORPG
The Christmas Event has begun in Caravan Stories, I played for a bit. You get a free character that you can six star later through the event....
2018-12-04 8:09:51 PM ● 1,966 views ● 6:50 95.29% liked
Lost Ark World Boss Spider Queen Tarsila Battle & Spawn Location
Poking the world boss with other player skills turned off. It's a must! Minimum 375iLvl for the Auction drops. Not sure about normal drops.
2018-12-04 4:58:59 PM ● 7,641 views ● 11:33 97.04% liked
Lost Ark (2018)