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Generation Stadia is a YouTube channel dedicated to everything and anything Stadia be it opinion pieces, reviews, previews, news or anything else, it can all be found right here. Daily uploads ensure you wont miss out on the latest news and events while also providing tons to talk about among the community. The future of gaming is upon us and together we can be a part of this new era in gaming that is Generation Stadia!

About Myself
My name is Steven and I am no stranger to gaming or cloud gaming services. I was an owner and user of the OnLive micro console almost a decade ago and have used everything including Gaikai, Geforce Now, Shadow, and Playstation Now. Other than that I have been gaming since the Super Nintendo days and have kept up with every new piece of gaming technology including VR. I do really believe Google is the company that is most set up to pull this cloud gaming generation off and I cant wait to see what the future of gaming holds!

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