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Smash UK
Midlands Smash Player
Team SDB
Love Gaming and hope to show you some good highlights! 👌
Will be expanding my horizons and playing lots of different games
Any requests for a certain game, comment and let me know

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For Glory: Wii Fit
And stretch! Don't forget to breathe! The votes were collected... This is my first time with Wii fit trainer online! Lets do this! Hope you enjoy...
2017-12-07 1:43:58 PM ● 91 views ● 19:07 100.00% liked
For Glory: Pac-Man
Waka Waka peeps! Time to follow the vote of the people! This episode I play Pac-Man online to hopefully showcase some of his jank! Hope you enjoy!...
2017-12-01 10:47:01 AM ● 104 views ● 22:52 100.00% liked
For Glory: Metaknight
New Series! Super Smash Bros For Glory Starting Episode Metaknight (My Main) Comment below for the next character! Most comments for a character...
2017-11-26 2:20:41 PM ● 337 views ● 26:38 90.91% liked
Noob Plays Mario Odyssey: Episode 2 So Much Sand!
It's-a-me Mario and we are back! Episode 2 :D This time we hit up the Sand Kingdom! Lets fix this frosty freeze! Lets-a-go Cappy!
2017-11-26 4:17:47 AM ● 34 views ● 22:46 100.00% liked
Super Mario Odyssey
Noob Plays Mario Odyssey: Episode 1 Lets-a-Go!
Its-a-me Mario! Lets-a find-a da coins! Going to be moon hunting and taking over the souls of animals and dinosaurs all in a bid to save the...
2017-11-25 12:48:02 PM ● 48 views ● 15:45 100.00% liked
Super Mario Odyssey
Noob Plays Cuphead Feat CapnK - Episode 3 'Screw Run and Guns!'
Kevin and I return in our quest to complete Cuphead. Through all the pain and suffering we continue to adventure across the worlds. Hope you...
2017-11-16 2:29:20 PM ● 49 views ● 19:27 100.00% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Let's Play
Noob Plays Cuphead Feat CapnK - Episode 2 'Not The Bees!'
One Noob, one less of a noob and one of the toughest games of the year ... lets see how it goes LETS DO THIS! hope you enjoy people :)
2017-11-10 4:25:46 PM ● 89 views ● 15:59 100.00% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Xbox One
Girlfriend Plays Sonic Mania
GOTTA GO FAST! Sian's Brand new series! Starting with sonic mania Sian will show of her legendary gaming skills one game at a time! Any recommendations...
2017-11-07 11:59:29 PM ● 46 views ● 16:41 100.00% liked
Sonic Mania
Let's Play
WillyJ (Corrin) vs Tim (Lucina) - Frametrap Footstool
Online / For Glory / 1-on-1 Dream Land (64) (Ω Form) Corrin, Lucina
2017-10-26 6:01:59 AM ● 160 views ● 1:57 75.00% liked
WillyJ (Diddy) vs Vincent (Donkey Kong) - Diddy Dunkfest
Online / For Glory / 1-on-1 Mario Galaxy (Ω Form) Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
2017-10-24 7:11:36 PM ● 176 views ● 0:56 0.00% liked