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I'm a goofy middle aged gamer/military veteran who was an eighties and nineties kid that loves RPGs and classic games.

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Dragon Quest XI #72 Still More Fighting
In this episode I go around some more familiar areas and kill some familiar, but stronger, monsters.... Thanks for watching!!
2019-03-21 7:00:04 AM ● 86 views ● 53:57 100.00% liked
Dragon Quest XI #71 Vicious Monster Hunter
In this episode I finish off the obvious quests and then vow to kill every monster that the game says I haven't killed yet.... Thanks for watching!!...
2019-03-19 8:35:22 PM ● 118 views ● 56:15 100.00% liked
Dragon Quest XI #70 Buff-Buff / Tempered Tantrum
I thought giving the video a better title was in order than the last two videos but mainly it's just me continuing with more quests. I'll finish...
2019-03-18 7:44:15 AM ● 145 views ● 59:59 100.00% liked
Dragon Quest XI #69 More Act 2 Quests
In this episode I show off doing more quests in Act 2 of this game. The great thing about doing quests in this game is they aren't that tedious...
2019-03-17 7:00:00 AM ● 94 views ● 57:30 100.00% liked
Dragon Quest XI #68 Act 2 Quests
In this episode I begin tackling the Act 2 quests. There are quite a few and will take me a while to get through the majority of them that I...
2019-03-16 1:49:47 PM ● 171 views ● 54:00 100.00% liked
Dragon Quest XI #67 Quest For A Sword
In this episode we figure out from some weird watcher guy that we need to forge our own Sword of Light to combat Mordogen. Thanks for watching!!...
2019-03-13 10:31:09 AM ● 170 views ● 50:17 100.00% liked
Dragon Quest XI #66 Butch Serena
In this episode we get some bad news...but the silver lining is Serena is better than ever... Thanks for watching!!
2019-03-12 8:41:43 AM ● 181 views ● 1:05:21 100.00% liked
Dragon Quest XI #65 Gyldygga
In this episode we take on Gyldygga. We also take on another boss but I end up wiping the floor with him too. Thanks for watching!!
2019-03-11 7:27:38 AM ● 182 views ● 58:37 100.00% liked
Dragon Quest XI #64 Cursed Necklace
In this episode we get some backstory on Erik, and he learns his old abilities again.... Thanks for watching!!
2019-03-10 7:04:40 AM ● 140 views ● 57:55 90.91% liked
Dragon Quest XI #63 Jackpot / Alizarin
In this episode I hit the jackpot. Then we make our way to Sniflheim but before we get there we have to take on an old friend. Thanks for watching!!!...
2019-03-09 5:45:29 AM ● 149 views ● 59:10 100.00% liked