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Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Bael Stream is a Russian YouTube content creator with over 2.76 thousand subscribers, publishing at least 2.61 thousand videos which altogether total at least 801.35 thousand views.

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Hello to you friend and everyone who reads, you are on the game channel Bael Stream, my name is Mikhail, I am the author of the channel. To spend time playing the game, it began with the days of the dandy, I personally say I am not a professional player and for me it is more important to have the atmosphere of the game and communicate with the audience, I hope that the charge of good mood and positive will reach everyone. Here you will find the story passage of computer video games of different genres, from forgotten to modern PC games in high quality 1440p 60 fps, trying to embellish the maximum level of complexity, as well as there are favorite eSports disciplines. Video or live broadcasts are held every day except weekends, you can find out about them by subscribing to the channel by clicking on the bell, there are also social networks in the description. I will be grateful for your support and welcome!

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