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Welcome to the channel of Popeye 2679. I'm excited that you decided to drop pass and see what this channel is all about. On this channel, you will see a variety of games such as, GTA V, Madden, NBA 2k, and much much more. I play majority of my games on the Xbox, and I also play some games on the PC. I hope you like what you see and if so, do me that favor of becoming apart of the family. Like, comment and subscribe to the channel if you are new and I will see you all later. Peace and Blessings and God Bless

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Let's Play Ep. 2)
This is the second episode of "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" I hope you all enjoy this and subscribe to see more great content. https://twitter.com/Popeye2679_...
2018-09-28 10:34:55 AM ● 15 views ● 24:37 100.00% liked
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Let's Play
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Let's Play) Ep. 1
Welcome to this let's play of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This is a great game and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing it. https://twitter.com/Popeye2679_...
2018-09-21 8:25:11 PM ● 3,280 views ● 28:17 99.64% liked
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Let's Play
NBA 2k19 Playing at the Playground
Playing at the Playground with my brother Jay7583. I started out playing bad then later in the video I started to play better. https://twitter.com/Popeye2679_...
2018-09-21 2:47:23 PM ● 2,308 views ● 13:31 100.00% liked
NBA 2K19
NBA 2K19 (2018)
NBA Live 19 Demo Player Creation
Playing NBA Live 19 The One. I am creating my player to start my career and ready to see what this year of Live will bring for our excitement....
2018-08-24 9:18:53 PM ● 1,137 views ● 19:42 100.00% liked
NBA 2K18 Playing at the Park with a Random
nba 2k18 playing at the park with a random. We were crushing dudes at the park. https://twitter.com/Popeye2679_ https://www.twitch.tv/popeye2679...
2018-08-08 11:59:41 AM ● 1,041 views ● 9:49 100.00% liked
NBA 2K18
NBA 2K18 (2017)
Airport Ceo Ep  2 (Bancroft International)
Airport Ceo Episode 2 (Bancroft International) Welcome back to Bancroft International. We are finishing up the inside of the airport but ran...
2018-07-31 12:42:58 AM ● 107 views ● 28:40 100.00% liked
Airport Ceo Episode  1 (Bancroft International)
Airport CEO Episode 1 (Bancroft International) SORRY FOR VOLUME!!!!!! In this episode we are creating Bancroft International Airport. It's a...
2018-07-24 3:38:13 PM ● 1,376 views ● 47:30 100.00% liked
Phoenix 2 Gameplay on Iphone 7
Popeye playing Phoenix 2 on iPhone 7plus. Great game and fun to play. Airport CEO Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMk-0-TMh6Zs2X3y_uyK8dc2BXUWXKpB9...
2018-04-17 12:28:55 AM ● 46 views ● 2:26 100.00% liked
Throwback Let's Play Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Ep  2
This is episode 2 to this Throwback Let's Play Series Hit that like button and join the popeye team by subscribing to this channel
2017-02-04 5:39:24 AM ● 41 views ● 10:01 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Throwback Let's Play Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Ep 1
This is a throwback lets play. Starting to do some throwback lets play games. Hit the like button and subscribe to my channel
2017-01-18 11:53:11 AM ● 45 views ● 15:36 97.30% liked
Let's Play