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GVOLTT here!

This channel will serve to host my Let's Play videos, and any other random videos I happen to make.

Let's Plays:
Luigi's Mansion (Gamecube) (with Hex)
Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64) (with Hex)

Shadow the Hedgehog (XBox)

On hold:
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (PC/Gamecube)

For the record, I use the Diamond VC500 to record console games, and FRAPS to record PC games.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of Let's Plays by originally only trying to reminisce about games I've played when I was younger. The first Let's Plays I saw were Kikoskia's "Let's Quickly Play Chex Quest 1 and 2" and ZetaPlays's "Let's Play the Lion King".

I already have games in mind for future solo LPs, but feel free to suggest games for Hex to co-commentate on me with. Keep in mind, I have the following systems: N64, Gamecube, original Xbox, PS3.

Thanks to CanisSkye for the layout! Well, the one that was here before the stupid One Channel layout.

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GYCL 2018 (unedited)
early matches in the GYCL 2018 tourney at MAGFest. Unedited (beyond joining clips together). My camera (only a bad point-and-shoot) only captured...
2018-01-12 3:39:34 PM ● 39 views ● 30:31 100.00% liked
GameGuy Challenges You! - Super Smash Bros., Classic Mode, Hard Clear
Also use only 3 stock. I used Captain Falcon for this challenge. Please excuse the recording errors.
2014-01-18 12:49:40 PM ● 101 views ● 19:03 100.00% liked
So we go from a digital mainframe area...to a medieval-looking castle. Quite the change. But Shadow must hunt down Eggman and the Chaos Emeralds....
2012-04-05 10:17:32 AM ● 334 views ● 14:35 50.00% liked
Let's Play
I'm a bit rusty with solo commentary, but here's the long-awaited return of my Shadow the Hedgehog LP! We enter the second stage of the true...
2012-03-29 9:42:21 PM ● 128 views ● 16:37
Let's Play
My first successful attempt at the Green Demon Challenge in Super Mario 64. I chose Bob-omb Battlefield for the attempt. I also have failures...
2012-02-26 10:40:17 PM ● 192 views ● 4:20 100.00% liked
Well, here it is folks. The end of the game...or is it? Yes it is. Feel free to suggest a game for us to LP next! Reminder, I can do N64,...
2012-02-22 5:53:46 PM ● 54 views ● 48:01
Let's Play
Well, this is it folks...or so we think. We have completed all the worlds, gotten all the Jiggies and notes, so now it's time to save Tooty from...
2012-02-20 1:12:39 PM ● 33 views ● 24:54 100.00% liked
This is the second half of Click Clock Wood. This contains the other two seasons not seen in the other vid of this level. This level is still...
2012-02-19 3:04:44 PM ● 27 views ● 43:45 100.00% liked
This level is cut into two separate vids. This level contains four seasons, and two of them are in this episode. This level is long. This level...
2012-02-18 7:41:54 PM ● 30 views ● 37:36 100.00% liked
A few careless mistakes here and there...okay maybe not a few. Welcome to Oily Water Land...err...Rusty Bucket Bay!
2012-02-17 8:04:56 PM ● 42 views ● 1:15:38
Let's Play