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Hello Youtubers!

We create Youtube Vlogs! We went from Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere (hallelujah!), upgraded both of our computers, and poured all of our free time and energy into studying, creating, and improving on our channel. We hope to share what we have learned and what we have created with all of you!


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Post Malone Better Now Acoustic Cover
My own take on Past Malone's "Better Now"
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Barry Tries To Expel
Here's a quick clip from Episode 8 of our live streamed campaign, From Bad to Worse, on Wednesdays at 11PM Central! Barry takes some serious...
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Episode 4: Set in Stone
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Dungeons and Dragons | Episode 2:  Mine Full of Lizardmen
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Dungeons and Dragons | Episode One:  Gangs of New Yoxis
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Dungeons and Dragons | Episode Zero: A Tale of Barbarians
In this episode I'm hosting our group's first Dungeons and Dragons meet up. Tonight we start with a one-off campaign so we can get a feel for...
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UNBOXING and DEMO | Vidpro 10 piece Photo/Video LED Light Kit | My New YouTube Lighting Gear
Unboxing and Demo with my new Vidpro 10-Piece Pro Photo/Video LED Light Kit. I needed some new lights for my YouTube setup so I thought I'd show...
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Vlogmas Day 6, 7, and 8 | Doctor, Doctor, Give me the News
Never fails, I always get sick around this time of year! The worst part is that is makes it hard for me to eat all the good holiday food. It's...
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Vlogmas Day 5 | Put that S##t on Everything!
Welcome to the fifth episode of my 10 Days of Vlogmas Series. In this video, we will explore the depths of our humanity. There will be laughs...
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