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Welcome to StarkAfterDark! New video posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Enjoy my attempts at gaming and hopefully entertaining you. I love meeting fellow gamers and up and coming YouTubers so feel free to say hi! [Love&Peace]

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The horror returns...IN SPACE (Dead Space #1)
Click to subscribe! With thanks to my great friends Yoku and Shadow, I take a dive into the horrors of space....DEAD SPACE....
2018-07-02 4:47:44 AM ● 8 views ● 40:22 100.00% liked
Dead Space
Dead Space (2008)
SHOOKEN, NOT STIRRED with TheMelony! (Slender: The Eight Pages) [Drunk Gaming]
Click to subscribe! Thanks to TheMelony for appearing in my video, and for The Warp Zone for the fun drinking game! Check...
2017-10-24 9:30:01 AM ● 45 views ● 21:52 100.00% liked
I CAN'T CUPHEAD WITH A PIG IN MY LAP (Cuphead) [Drunk Gaming]
Click to subscribe! Alcohol either helps or hinders..even with video games. The first video in a new series! PLEASE let...
2017-10-17 9:00:01 AM ● 96 views ● 7:50 100.00% liked
Cuphead (2017)
DADDY STEVE, NOOOOOO! (Therapy Halloween Map) [Minecraft Monday]
Click to subscribe! An awesome map that tells a short but eerie story...spooooooky! Get the map here (Minecraft 1.8):
2017-10-16 11:30:00 AM ● 22 views ● 12:45 100.00% liked
Minecraft (2011)
NO THANKS, BILLY (The Doll Maker Part 1) [Minecraft Monday]
Click to subscribe! Did I mention I don't do well with mazes? Get the map here (Minecraft 1.8):
2017-10-16 9:00:03 AM ● 19 views ● 14:08 100.00% liked
Minecraft (2011)
Click to subscribe! Another short, sweet scare from PDDev - with a special guest star. Meet LulaBelle, the Juliana pig!...
2017-10-11 9:00:02 AM ● 39 views ● 12:00 100.00% liked
Let's Play
SHORT, SWEET, & SCARY (Midnight Shift)
Click to subscribe! A late upload to make up for missing the usual Freaky Friday! I think I'm going to work at phasing...
2017-10-07 8:19:36 PM ● 51 views ● 9:26 83.33% liked
CAMPING GONE WRONG! Horror month continues! (Forest 2) [Wildcard Wednesday]
Click here to subscribe! I get a lot of things wrong in this video, and I apologize for that and for my weird demeanor...
2017-10-04 9:00:12 AM ● 29 views ● 14:14 100.00% liked
LET ME OUT!! HORROR MONTH BEGINS! (The Orphanage) [Minecraft Monday]
Click here to subscribe! Kicking off horror month with the scariest Minecraft map I've ever played...legit made me shake...
2017-10-02 9:00:02 AM ● 49 views ● 25:11 100.00% liked
Minecraft (2011)
HEAR ME SCREAM (Slender: The Arrival #2) [Freaky Friday]
Click here to subscribe! I've FINALLY fixed my irritating audio problem so now you can hear me scream while also enjoying...
2017-09-29 10:00:07 AM ● 16 views ● 19:51 100.00% liked