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I'm Andrew and I've been an avid video game player and collector for a long time, join me as I play parts of some of my favourite games and provide some insight on video game hardware and software from the past and present!

I'm always happy to receive suggestions for games to play or things to talk about in my videos so please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments or send them to me through e-mail!

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Donkey Kong Country 2: The Lost Levels - Part 04
World 2 continues, bringing with it more elements which are not usually seen until much later in Donkey Kong Country 2, as well as more combinations...
2019-03-14 8:00:06 AM ● 65 views ● 17:54 100.00% liked
The Best Way to Play NES Games on Official Nintendo Hardware
The Nintendo Entertainment System is an iconic yet not always simple video game console. Marking the revival of video games after the great video...
2019-03-12 8:00:06 AM ● 397 views ● 14:26 100.00% liked
Donkey Kong Country 2: The Lost Levels - Part 03
Cattails in the lava? The Cat-O-9-Tails enemy in World 2? Donkey Kong Country 2: The Lost Levels just breaks all the rules! As long as Cattails...
2019-03-11 8:00:05 AM ● 180 views ● 18:22 100.00% liked
The Forgotten N64 Bundle - Pokemon Stadium Battle Set
The Nintendo 64 has more variations and bundles than almost any other console out there, although I would bet that most people have probably...
2019-03-08 8:00:03 AM ● 344 views ● 11:03 100.00% liked
Donkey Kong Country 2: The Lost Levels - Part 02
The first world of Donkey Kong Country 2: The Lost Levels continues as we tackle the remaining two levels and boss! Be sure to stay tuned for...
2019-03-07 8:00:06 AM ● 200 views ● 13:02 100.00% liked
Nintendo Switch Online - March NES Game Review
StarTropics and Kid Icarus are this month's additions to the Nintendo Switch Online service, although did you know that Fire Emblem is actually...
2019-03-06 8:00:06 AM ● 1,133 views ● 12:27 96.55% liked
Video Game Pick Ups - Top 10 Retro Items From While I Was Away
I've picked up a lot of awesome things over the past 2 years, so today we're going to look at what in my opinion are 10 of the coolest items...
2019-03-05 8:00:07 AM ● 300 views ● 18:41 100.00% liked
Donkey Kong Country 2: The Lost Levels - Part 01
Donkey Kong Country 2: The Lost Levels is a must play for anyone who is a fan of the SNES DKC trilogy. Introducing all new levels, enemies, gimmicks,...
2019-03-04 8:00:02 AM ● 394 views ● 15:32 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Channel Update + Where I've Been!
This is it, the video where we finally talk about what's been going on, and what will be going on from here on out! Get ready for pick up videos...
2019-02-27 8:00:05 AM ● 713 views ● 25:54 98.63% liked
700+ NES Game Collection Reorganization & Time Lapse
With a collection of over 700 NES games, keeping them all neat and in order can be a challenge at times. In this video we take a look at what...
2019-02-20 8:00:14 AM ● 722 views ● 32:57 100.00% liked