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We are super excited to announce HITMAN – Game of the Year Edition!
This awesome package includes The Complete First Season, the brand new ‘Patient Zero’ campaign, new Escalation Contracts, new weapons, new suits, new challenges, improvements to existing features and new lighting enhancements to all locations that make the game look better than ever – plus we have a few more surprises!

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HITMAN 2 - Miami Gameplay Trailer
With thousands attending the Innovation Race in Miami, navigate the sun-drenched streets and find your targets. Make the world your weapon and...
2018-06-11 5:51:22 PM ● 1,129,391 views ● 1:14 98.62% liked
HITMAN: Sniper Assassin Mode Trailer
Snipe with your friends or work alone in HITMAN: Sniper Assassin as this new experience will reinforce your natural skill to think deadly. To...
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HITMAN 2 Announce Trailer
Unravel the past of the elusive Shadow Client as you track your targets across 6 new exotic locations and improvise the biggest kills in franchise...
2018-06-07 11:01:43 AM ● 149,383 views ● 1:13 98.28% liked
HITMAN: Definitive Edition Launch Trailer
HITMAN: Definitive Edition is OUT NOW on disc for PS4 and Xbox One! This new release brings together all of the episodes and locations from HITMAN...
2018-05-15 7:04:38 AM ● 39,477 views ● 1:01 89.11% liked
HITMAN - Spring Pack (FREE Sapienza!)
Play Sapienza for FREE with the HITMAN Spring Pack! It won't be free forever; get it before April 3rd on PS4, Xbox One and PC! You’ll find...
2018-03-21 5:00:59 AM ● 73,943 views ● 0:33 93.16% liked
HITMAN - GOTY Explained
Jacob and Eskil from IO Interactive explain everything that's new and improved with HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition. Get it now: www.hitman.com...
2017-12-26 6:00:03 AM ● 35,563 views ● 6:32 93.27% liked
HITMAN - Elusive Targets: Reactivated
The clock is ticking... Get ready for Re-activated Elusive Targets! If you missed any Elusive Targets the first time around, or if you are...
2017-11-17 6:53:21 AM ● 19,825 views ● 0:56 97.55% liked
[OUT NOW] HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition
HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition is OUT NOW and includes the new Patient Zero campaign, new challenges, new suits and new weapons. BUY NOW:...
2017-11-07 8:01:17 AM ● 155,388 views ● 0:15 96.39% liked
HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition (Available 7 November)
HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition includes the new Patient Zero campaign, new challenges, suits and weapons on top of everything from Season...
2017-10-24 6:00:02 AM ● 143,117 views ● 1:18 95.86% liked
HITMAN Elusive Target #26 The Entertainer
The 26th and final Elusive Target has arrived! Make sure you're ready. There are no second chances. Elusive Targets will appear for a limited...
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