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United States

Popsicle Knight is an American YouTube channel which has approximately 9.56 thousand subscribers. He published 450 videos which altogether total roughly 1.53 million views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@PopsicleKnight

All Pokémon Trading Card Game Videos by Popsicle Knight

PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2024-03-14New Game Mechanic ! FOUR NEW Tera OGERPON ex! (Pokémon TCG Twilight Masquerade Set)6:45859Pokémon Trading Card Game
2023-01-03Better than a Booster Box?! Opening 6 SILVER TEMPEST Booster "Bundle" Box Expansion! (Pokemon TCG)39:04777Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-12-17Incineroar Be Like... (Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest)0:271,922Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-11-10DO NOT BUY ! CHARIZARD Ultra Premium Collection Opening ! (Pokemon TCG)15:171,498Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-09-29LOST ORIGIN Booster Box Opening, PART 2 of 2 (Pokemon TCG)21:24404Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-09-28LOST ORIGIN Booster Box Opening, PART 1 of 2 (Pokemon TCG)20:46446Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-09-27Elite Trainer Box Opening : LOST ORIGIN expansion set (Pokemon TCG)10:41557Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-09-26I MADE A MISTAKE ! Opening Pokemon Booster Bundle LOST ORIGIN expansion set (Pokemon TCG)20:47920Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-09-08LOST ORIGIN Pokemon TCG Expansion : Full English Set Slideshow ! (Pokemon Trading Card Game)22:41994ShowPokémon Trading Card Game
2022-08-20Card Analysis & Combos of All Cards with LOST ZONE Mechanic in the new LOST ORIGIN set - Pokemon TCG19:242,123Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-06-08BOOSTER BOX OPENING of Astral Radiance Set : Can I get Radiant Greninja? (Pokémon Trading Card Game)1:04:52649Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-05-24Pokemon TCG : ASTRAL RADIANCE Expansion Set Slideshow ! (Pokemon Trading Card Game)7:30672ShowPokémon Trading Card Game
2022-03-30BRILLIANT STARS Booster Box Opening (Pokémon Trading Card Game)29:571,026Pokémon Trading Card Game
2022-02-21BRILLIANT STARS Slideshow : All 216 Cards in the Set ! EXCITED ! (Pokemon Trading Card Game)6:44819ShowPokémon Trading Card Game
2021-07-29Chilling Reign Booster Box Opening (Pokemon TCG) (no commentary)29:48569Pokémon Trading Card Game
2021-04-17Opening BATTLE STYLES Booster Box (Pokemon TCG) (no commentary)27:14224Pokémon Trading Card Game
2021-04-17Opening 2 BATTLE STYLES Elite Trainer Boxes : Single Strike : Rapid Strike (Pokemon TCG)16:07183Pokémon Trading Card Game
2021-04-15JAPANESE Triple Starter Set : VMAX Charizard / Blastoise / Venusaur (Pokemon TCG)8:59491Pokémon Trading Card Game
2020-08-21Darkness Ablaze double pack opening (Pokemon Trading Card Game; PTCG)5:3850Pokémon Trading Card Game