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ThunderBob is an American content creator on YouTube with more than 3.31 thousand subscribers. He published 822 videos which altogether total at least 1.98 million views.

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2023-05-26Liberte - The French Revolution meets Lovecraft - Roguelite action deck building game - 4k Ultrawide1:04:5920
2023-05-24WARTALES - New Open World RPG - Quick look first 45 minutes - PC 4k ULTRAWIDE47:1694First ImpressionsWartales
2023-05-21Firmament - New Puzzle-adventure game from the makers of MYST - First 45 minutes ULTRAWIDE 4k44:08464Myst
2023-05-19DIABLO 4 SERVER SLAM - My first Ashava Kill - Firewall / Hydra Sorcerer Build - PC ULTRAWIDE 4k19:58110
2023-05-14Diablo 4 SERVER SLAM - HYDRA ORB SORC Guide - Is hydra still viable? PC 4K ULTRAWIDE18:00198Guide
2023-05-13DIABLO 4 SERVER SLAM - Cold Sorcerer Playthrough - They killed HYDRA and Ice Blade. PC 4K ULTRAWIDE3:09:46137Let's PlayDiablo
2023-05-10KILL IT WITH FIRE VR - I hope you don't have arachnophobia - META QUEST 2 First 20 minutes19:1344
2023-05-05Eye of the Temple - Room Scale Adventure now on the META Quest - QUEST 2 1080p/60 FPS gameplay.15:5575
2023-05-03Resident Evil 4 Remake - The First Hour / Chapter - PC ULTRAWIDE Gameplay1:10:5131Resident Evil 4
2023-04-30Nova Drift - Rogue-like Asteroids on Steroids - One of my favorite Steam Deck games. PC ULTRAWIDE20:2748
2023-04-27ArcRunner - New Cyberpunk Roguelite shooter - First 30 minutes quick look - PC ULTRAWIDE26:23659First ImpressionsArcRunner
2023-04-26Gun Jam - RHYTHM-ACTION FPS GAME - PC ULTRAWIDE Quick look FIRST 30 MINUTES20:5644
2023-04-22Outer Terror - Lovecraftian cosmic horror mixed with Vampire Survivors - 1 hour quick look -53:47215
2023-04-21Diablo 4 - Double Hydra Lightning Build - Level 25 Dungeon Gameplay - PC ULTRAWIDE13:07376GuideDiablo
2023-04-19MISTROGUE: Mist and the Living Dungeons - New upcoming Action RPG Rogue Lite - Kickstarter Demo44:35425
2023-04-14Diablo 4 - The Necromancer is crazy - Dungeon Running with the Blood Surge Necro - PC ULTRAWIDE44:04531
2023-04-12Raft - Co-op playthrough the Final Story Islands (Temperance + Utopia)1:55:0928Let's PlayRaft
2023-04-07Hogwarts Legacy - My thoughts after 60 hours on the Steam Deck - STEAM DECK / PC ULTRAWIDE GAMEPLAY11:18165ReviewHogwarts Legacy
2023-04-05SUPPLICE - New retro shooter - Early Access release 4/6 - ULTRAWIDE PC GAMEPLAY23:1265
2023-04-03Vertigo 2 - The next big PC VR GAME? The First Hour of Gameplay. - 1080p/60 Quest 2 Airlink Gameplay58:1783
2023-04-01THE LAST OF US Part 1 - So what's the deal with the PC Port? First hour of PC ULTRAWIDE gameplay.1:15:0367The Last of Us Part I
2023-03-31DIABLO 4 - My thoughts on the beta - Let's talk about the story, classes, items, graphics and more.40:41112DiscussionDiablo
2023-03-28Population: One - Virtual Reality Battle Royale - Now free on Meta Quest - Winning my first 2 games.24:15103Population: ONE
2023-03-26Diablo 4 - Sorcerer Immortal Ice Blade Cool Down Build - Level 25 Dungeon Gameplay - PC ULTRAWIDE18:18527Diablo
2023-03-25Diablo 4 - Is the necro OP? I beat the beta in two hours. (Necro Main quest Playthrough)2:05:05141Let's PlayDiablo
2023-03-24Diablo 4 - A look at item upgrades, enchantments, imprinting aspects, potion upgrades and gambling.16:5684Diablo
2023-03-24Diablo 4 - SANGUINE CHAPEL DUNGEON - Level 25 Double Hydra / Orb Sorcerer - PC ULTRAWIDE gameplay15:56109
2023-03-23The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution - First 2 Hours OCULUS PCVR airlink1:58:41115
2023-03-22Diablo 4 - My first Stronghold Kor Dragon - Level 25 Double Hydra / Orb Sorcerer - PC ULTRAWIDE19:41768Guide
2023-03-21Diablo 4 - Gambling is crazy good - 4 legendaries in 4 minutes spending 500 Obols4:39201Diablo
2023-03-21DIABLO 4 Beta - Finishing Act 1 Main quest - PC Ultrawide (Part 5 Sorc Playthrough)1:22:37195Let's Play
2023-03-20DIABLO 4 Beta - Cleaning up side quests - PC Ultrawide (Part 4 Sorc Playthrough)44:5495Let's Play
2023-03-19DIABLO 4 Beta - Sorcerer playthrough continued - Ultrawide PC max setting (Part 3 Sorc Playthrough)1:50:41117Let's Play
2023-03-19Diablo 4 - Act 1 Ending and Act Boss fight - PC Ultrawide No Commentary25:551,133
2023-03-18DIABLO 4 Beta - Sorcerer playthrough continued - Ultrawide PC max setting (Part 2 Sorc Playthrough)1:26:42135Let's Play
2023-03-18DIABLO 4 Beta - First 2 hours Sorc gameplay - Ultrawide PC max setting (Part 1 Sorc Playthrough)2:05:20284Let's Play
2023-03-18DIABLO 4 Beta - Steam Deck Gameplay and Guide - It works with a little bit of work -8:05724Guide
2023-03-16PERISH - Vermintide meets Hades in this 1-4 player FPS - First 30 minutes PC ULTRAWIDE38:28139
2023-03-13ARK and ADE - Retro Tron inspired VR shooter - First 30 minutes - Quest 2 1080p / 60fps33:37128Ark: Survival Evolved
2023-03-10BATOCERA SINDEN Light Gun PC build - How to setup and game demo - Time Crisis, HOTD, Carnevil & more15:132,940TutorialPoint Blank 3
2023-03-10Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo - PC ULTRAWIDE Full Playthrough & Killing the Chainsaw Man36:34223Let's PlayResident Evil 4
2023-03-10RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE DEMO - STEAM DECK GAMEPLAY - Some graphical issues but good performance.20:03247Resident Evil 4
2023-03-06Dead Estate - Horror themed rogue-like shooter - Beating the First Boss -18:21181Dead Estate
2023-03-03Goldeneye 007 - Unreleased Xbox 360 remake gameplay - XENIA emulator PC 1080p/60 FPS36:15292GoldenEye 007
2023-02-27OTHERWAR - Tower Defense Bullet Hell mash up - PC First 30 minutes - Releases 2/2730:2833Bull et Hell
2023-02-26ELDERAND - New Action RPG Metroidvania - First 30 minutes PC Gameplay29:5989Elderand
2023-02-25STEAM DECK - How to record gameplay using Decky Recorder Plugin - Install & setup guide -11:391,243GuideFinal Fantasy VII
2023-02-24System Shock Remake - First look at the updated Steam Next Fest Demo - PC ULTRAWIDE MAX SETTINGS1:11:1288Vlog
2023-02-22BARBARIA - Crazy Fun VR Combat game with RPG elements - QUEST 2 PCVR AIRLINK GAMEPLAY24:0188World of WarCraft
2023-02-20Dust & Neon - New Rogue lite Twin Stick Action RPG - Borderlands meets Diablo - PC ULTRAWIDE37:33158
2023-02-18Wanted Dead - New hybrid shooter / slasher from the makers of Ninja Gaiden - PC ULTRAWIDE First hour52:0784
2023-02-17DEAD SPACE Remake - My thoughts after beating the game - The Best Remake Ever? PC / Steam Deck8:30180Dead Space
2023-02-16OUT ZONE - Classic arcade Run and Gun game now out on steam13:1271Outzone
2023-02-10Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers - Classic SCI-FI movie inspired Shoot Em UP Game- First 30 minutes.32:52140Smalles
2023-02-08Hogwarts Legacy - My First Day at Hogwarts - PC ULTRAWIDE MAX SETTINGS - First 90 minutes.1:37:28181Hogwarts Legacy
2023-02-08Hogwarts Legacy - STEAM DECK TESTING - A look at my settings and performance -8:345,677Hogwarts Legacy
2023-02-03PokeQuest VR - A Fan made Pokémon MMO - Nintendo please don't C&D - First 30 minutes Quest 223:40173Minecraft
2023-01-30Undead Horde 2 Necropolis - Raise the dead in this Strategy Action RPG - PC Ultrawide First 30 mins35:33266
2023-01-28DEAD SPACE Remake - First Hour - PC ULTRAWIDE MAX SETTINGS1:02:38162Dead Space
2023-01-28Dead Space Remake - Steam Deck Performance - My Settings, Bugs encountered and Gameplay test17:45261
2023-01-24Patch Quest - The Monster Riding Rogue-Vania - First 20 minutes PC ULTRAWIDE.23:1746Patch Quest
2023-01-20It Returned To The Desert - Spiritual Successor to an Amiga Classic - First 30 Mins - releases 2/1535:27291
2023-01-15Legends Ultimate Arcade - 2023 Updated Awesome Sauce install guide - NOW ON ALL CABINETS & FIRMWARE!22:495,193GuideMarvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
2023-01-10Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Classic beat em up finally out on Steam - First 30 minutes28:2391Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game
2023-01-06Marvel's Midnight Suns - My thoughts after 65 hours on the Steam Deck - STEAM DECK / PC ULTRAWIDE9:251,157Marvel's Midnight Suns
2023-01-01Grime Colors of Rot - New free expansion for this great METROIDVANIA - PC ULTRAWIDE FIRST 30 MINS.30:3184GRIME
2022-12-23I hit 3000 SUBS! Thank you!2:54132
2022-12-20Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell - My First win on the new DLC -49:3939Vampire Survivors
2022-12-16High on Life - What if Rick and Morty was a game - PC ULTRAWIDE MAX SETTINGS - FIRST HOUR.56:511,762
2022-12-13Emudeck 2.0 / Emulation Station - Setup, install & demo - Best way to play retro games on Steam Deck10:541,454
2022-12-10Portal With RTX - First Chambers + GLaDOS & ENDING - ULTRAWIDE19:58307
2022-12-09Days Gone - My thoughts after 60 hours on the Steam Deck - STEAM DECK / PC ULTRAWIDE GAMEPLAY9:027,206ReviewDays Gone
2022-12-06Marvel's Midnight Suns - X-Com meets Slay The Spire with Superheroes - First 90 minutes PC ULTRAWIDE1:20:2897Marvel's Midnight Suns
2022-12-03The Callisto Protocol - Dead Space inspired Survival Horror - First hour - PC ULTRAWIDE 3440x1440.52:03281The Callisto Protocol
2022-12-02The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution - First 2 Hours META QUEST 1080p/60 fps2:03:34606The Walking Dead
2022-11-30ForeVR Cornhole - The Best (Only?) VR Cornhole game - First 30 minutes with the game.19:31102Rec Room
2022-11-27Paper Cut Mansion - A papercraft horror game - First 20 minutes PC Ultrawide16:0979Paper Cut Mansion
2022-11-25Espire 2 - Virtual Reality Stealth Action game Metal Gear Solid Style - META Quest 2 1080p/60 FPS -37:43122
2022-11-23REQUISITION VR - Early Access VR Zombie Survival Crafting game - PCVR META QUEST 2 Via Airlink48:57247
2022-11-21Neverawake - New Indie Twin Stick Shoot Um UP - Intro + First 4 levels. 1080p60 PC Gameplay10:4884NeverAwake
2022-11-19WHAT THE BAT? - Pure VR insanity from the dev of What THE GOLF? - META QUEST 2 First 40 mins 1080p6039:1395
2022-11-17ForeVR Pool - Virtual Reality Billiards out on Meta Quest 11/17 - 1080p/60 gameplay.19:523,943
2022-11-10Wavetale - Ride the waves in this spectacular action adventure game - First 30 mins PC Ultrawide -30:3861
2022-11-08SIGNALIS - Incredible Resident Evil inspired pixel art horror game - First 30 minutes PC Ultrawide.35:55319
2022-11-06Slime Rancher 2 - Plorts as far as the eye can see - My surprising first experience with the series.19:2661ReviewSlime Rancher 2
2022-11-02Nitro Kid - New 80's inspired Roguelike Deckbuilder with Grid Based combat - MY FIRST WIN!1:37:0789
2022-10-30Raft - Co-op playthrough continuing the story islands (Tangaroa + Varuna Point)1:57:4132Let's PlayRaft
2022-10-28Lego Brick Tales - New Lego Puzzle / Adventure game - First 30 minutes PC ULTRAWIDE.27:4169Lego Worlds
2022-10-26DIABLO 2 RESURRECTED - SSF HYDRA ORB SORC NORM LADDER PLAYTHROUGH - My very late Ladder S2 start3:44:38138Let's PlayDiablo II
2022-10-24Oakenfold - New Turn Based Strategy Rogue like with Rewind Mechanics - PC Ultrawide Releases 11/17.27:2590Into the Breach
2022-10-22Sunday Gold - New Point and Click Adventure + Turn Based Strategy Game - PC First Hour52:3343
2022-10-20CULTIC - An amazing BLOOD inspired retro shooter with modern elements - PC ULTRAWIDE first 30 mins31:45128
2022-10-18Unusual Findings - A 1980's Spielberg inspired Point and Click Adventure game. First 30 minutes.23:5236Unusual Findings
2022-10-16Warhammer 40,000: Darktide CLOSED BETA - Left 4 Dead in SPACE! Follow up to Vermentide.43:32184Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
2022-10-15Where I've been. My Hurricane Ian Story - How it impacted me, my local community & how you can help17:3382Let's Play
2022-09-28The Wandering Village - City Building game on a giant, wandering creature -Ultrawide First hour.42:2544The Wandering Village
2022-09-25Raft - Co-op playthrough finding the next islands (Balboa + Caravan Island)46:3227Let's PlayRaft