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United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Freaky Leek is a British YouTube content creator with 379 subscribers, with his content totaling more than 145.28 thousand views views across more than 3.73 thousand videos.

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Welcome to my channel. I like to collect games and devices to play them, as well as some videos, then share the content as much as possible for anyone who also has an interest in gaming. If you have a request for any game on any system, a video or a question about some hardware I have, then feel free to leave a comment, if I have it, or if I can get it, then I will upload some game footage. All other times I will upload whatever I happen to be playing with at the time as usual. All devices, games and adapters are purchased by myself so the possibilities are limited, but you can always ask, or just be part of the gaming community who enjoy the content and help each other out. If you are searching for something in particular that I may have already recorded and uploaded, then you will probably find my created playlists the easiest place to find that video, where I have tried to organise the content that I have created.

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