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Hello lovely people and welcome to The Geek Cupboard! I am Penge, resident of this cupboard of geekery, and I'm happy you've stopped by, so a big thank you.

We at The Geek Cupboard like all sorts of games but there is a particular affinity for simulation games, tycoon games and indie games, plus Bethesda games are also a favourite, although we'll play anything we deem interesting. Expect deliberation, pondering, procrastination and a general air of ineptitude.

Oh, and tea. Expect tea.

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FEELING THE HEAT | Cities: Skylines No Car Challenge - Part 2
Cities Skylines No Car Challenge continues and our growing city is handed it's first major call to the emergency services, in the form of FIRE!...
2018-08-17 2:25:13 PM ● 150 views ● 47:28 100.00% liked
Learning, to a Degree | UniverCity (Early Access)
UniverCity allows us to build our very own University to empower those eager for learning and give them the best education possible! A shame...
2018-08-16 3:28:48 PM ● 377 views ● 50:07 100.00% liked
Sir! She Copied My Homework! | Academia: School Simulator - Part 11
Academia: School Simulator continues as we try to manage some extreme bouts of illness, with hundreds of students being taken ill. We build more...
2018-08-15 2:17:08 PM ● 146 views ● 56:55 88.89% liked
WE'RE GONNA WIN THE CUP! | Football, Tactics & Glory - Part 4
Football, Tactics & Glory continues and we line up against Wigan FC in the Prestige Cup! Yes, they're a league or two above us and yes, their...
2018-08-14 1:42:03 PM ● 128 views ● 49:00 100.00% liked
Cities Skylines NO CAR CHALLENGE! | Cities: Skylines No Car Challenge - Part 1
Cities Skylines is a city builder, so let's try and build a city where we've entirely banned cars! That's right, we're banning cars from our...
2018-08-13 1:15:25 PM ● 277 views ● 54:04 100.00% liked
Miss! All The Toilets Are Broken! | Academia: School Simulator - Part 10
Academia: School Simulator continues with us building more new classrooms to accommodate even more students! More students means more money but...
2018-08-12 1:30:00 PM ● 290 views ● 58:11 95.24% liked
GETTING TIRED | Football, Tactics & Glory - Part 3
Football, Tactics & Glory continues and our players begin to get tired due to us asking them to... play football... which does prove to be...
2018-08-11 1:30:02 PM ● 76 views ● 55:51 100.00% liked
Circle Empires is set in a world of interconnected circular worlds and, in true game fashion, we want to conquer them all and have them under...
2018-08-10 1:46:09 PM ● 258 views ● 51:51 100.00% liked
Have A Heart! | Surgeon Simulator 2013
Surgeon Simulator is a game where we become a surgeon, a surgeon who, for whatever reason, can only use one hand. Oh, and we can be very bad...
2018-08-09 1:36:22 PM ● 113 views ● 55:07 92.31% liked
Sir! Billy Keeps Picking His Nose! | Academia: School Simulator - Part 9
Academia: School Simulator continues and there is food, glorious food, as we build ourselves a second cafeteria for both the students and the...
2018-08-08 2:07:58 PM ● 296 views ● 56:55 100.00% liked