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Since 1995 EP has been covering the videogame industry and its surrounding culture. We've been interviewing game makers, movie makers, TV creators, actors, gadget makers, toy makers, comic book creators and a whole lot more for 20 years! The Electric Playground hit the airwaves in September 1997, the show went daily in 2008 and in 2015, EP wrapped up 25 seasons! Reviews on the Run was spun out from a segment in EP as its own show in 2002 (Judgment Day in the US/Reviews on the Run in Canada) and it also went daily in 2010. ROTR wrapped up 13 seasons in 2014. Vic's Basement--our first weekly podcast--launched in 2012 and hundreds of audio and video episodes have been made. EPN was born to collect all of this content and that's led to this: our all-inclusive and very inclusive YouTube Channel! We have a lot of history and lot more on the way. We're glad you're here! Hope you enjoy and SUBSCRIBE! :)

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Ubisoft's new toys-to-life game Starlink: Battle for Atlas has hit Earth, so Victor Lucas and Blake Siefken take it for a spin on the PS4! If...
2018-10-15 6:38:09 PM ● 301 views ● 38:34 92.59% liked
Let's Play
Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz are the creators of the new Netflix animated series The Dragon Prince. Victor Lucas speaks with them about the...
2018-10-15 6:00:53 PM ● 212 views ● 22:16 93.10% liked
Will Ubisoft's new space combat game Starlink: Battle for Atlas breathe new life into the toys-to-life genre? Victor Lucas has the answer in...
2018-10-15 5:46:14 PM ● 854 views ● 13:53 95.16% liked
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's erie horror movie A Quiet Place has hit home, so Victor Lucas breaks out the headphones to review it on Blu-ray!...
2018-10-15 5:30:00 PM ● 307 views ● 4:45 97.37% liked
Victor Lucas explains why the 1995 fighting game WeaponLord is a Buried Treasure! If you'd like to join the EPN team by sponsoring our content,...
2018-10-15 4:30:01 PM ● 308 views ● 1:58 97.67% liked
Today in the Rundown, we delve into the controversy surrounding Rockstar Games and the development of Red Dead Redemption 2. We also discuss...
2018-10-15 12:50:51 PM ● 779 views ● 9:56 97.56% liked
Black Panther 2 Gets Director, Hitman Gets Multiplayer!  - The Rundown - Electric Playground
Today in the Rundown, we find out who will be king behind the camera on Marvel's Black Panther sequel! We also find out how Agent 47 is embracing...
2018-10-12 2:37:25 PM ● 870 views ● 9:30 97.73% liked
Electric Playground Live! - Johnny Millenium in Studio! - Oct 11, 2018
Welcome to Electric Playground Live, where we bring you the latest in everything cool every single day! In today's episode, we're joined in studio...
2018-10-11 5:33:55 PM ● 975 views ● 31:32 98.04% liked
Getting Blown with Vortx - Electric Playground Interview
Vortx is an environmental simulator for the PC that it works with any game or movie automatically, without any developer integration. We caught...
2018-10-11 5:30:00 PM ● 356 views ● 2:25 91.43% liked
First Man Movie Review! - Electric Playground
Ryan Gosling is the first man to walk on the Moon in the new movie First Man, where he plays legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong. Victor Lucas...
2018-10-11 5:00:00 PM ● 704 views ● 4:27 100.00% liked