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My name is Kairi I am here for gaming, cosplays/skits and to make people laugh a lot, I share my life's experiences by my stores and tips I all so do helpful info on stuff to like tec stuff and thing that go on in life, I play games like let's plays and live streams too I do karaoke videos I go to cons and do cosplay stuff too I hope u enjoy my videos I know I do just making them ^-^ thanks for considering to subscribe to me and for watching my videos too. And please feel free to look me up on Facebook its the same name as my channel all one word up top I also have a twitter, Instagram, patreon (for donations if you want to support the channel more all proceeds go to new games better tec for doing videos and cosplay stuff), Facebook and cosplay amino page too that where all my cosplay photos end up so feel free to look enjoy you time here on my channel don't for get to hit that bell so you don't miss out on my stuff and smash that subscribe button too ^_^

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