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Reviews, Tutorials, Guides, Commentaries, & MORE uploaded everyday!.

I always strive to put the most effort into the content that I create with the mentality of the viewer in mind. No nonsense, straight to the point, and down to earth is how I like to do things on this channel.

Current computer was built by IronsidePC - Specs listed below
Case - Conqueror Case - Satin Black
Internal Lighting - Ironside RGB LED Strip
Intel Processor Haswell - Intel Core -i7-6800K 3.4GHz (Hexa Core)
CPU Cooling - NZXT Kraken X62
Motherboard - X99 Chipset Motherboard
Memory - 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 2133Mhz
Primary Hard Drive - 512GB Ironside Titanium Series SSD
Secondary Hard Drive - 1TB 7200 RPM
Graphics Card - Geforce GTX 1080TI 11GB
Power Supply - EVGA 700 Watt 80 Plus Bronze
Operating System - Windows 10 64 Bit
Networking - Standard Onboard Ethernet (No Wi-fi)

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Far Cry: New Dawn - ELITE Weapons, Customization, & MORE!
Get the game here: Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this video! We're jumping back into Far Cry by checking out the beautiful...
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Standoff Returning to Black Ops 4?! (New Teasers Found)
2 new teasers have been found on the Blackout map and it would seem Standoff might be making a return over by the Turbine area. Leave your own...
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NEW Blackout Mystery Stakes (Updates to Locations?)
Since update 1.12 there has been a change to the Blackout mode. Around the map, mysterious Stakes have popped up in locations and now the community...
2019-02-08 4:30:01 PM ● 40,833 views ● 4:08 94.51% liked
Apex Legends: Caustic Legend Review (Free at Rank 23)
Even though I'm terrible at this game I still have fun. Today, we're going to discuss the character named Caustic! What he is capable of doing...
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Apex Legends
Apex Legends: Day 1 Review (Likes & Dislikes)
Yesterday, a new free to play BR game called Apex Legends released out of nowhere. With no prior marketing, trailers, or even teasers Respawn...
2019-02-05 1:45:00 PM ● 107,141 views ● 17:26 93.14% liked
Apex Legends
Black Ops 4: FREE Asus RGB Calling Card (Don't Get Scammed!)
This video will show you how to get the FREE Asus RGB calling card in Black Ops 4! I've seen a few posts on second-hand selling sites and I just...
2019-02-04 12:15:00 PM ● 69,013 views ● 2:05 96.36% liked
2 NEW Maps Coming Soon! (Black Ops Pass)
Looks like we have 2 new maps coming soon for Black Ops 4! With a recent leak from the wewlads we have gotten a taste of what to expect. #BlackOps4...
2019-02-03 3:30:00 PM ● 62,836 views ● 5:16 96.78% liked
PS5 LEAK: Backwards Compatibility in 2020?
Another big break for the Playstation 5 has hit the internet in the form of a new patent filed directly in Japan. This patent could potentially...
2019-02-02 3:00:00 PM ● 42,539 views ● 5:35 95.70% liked
Let's Play
My Issues with Paint Cans in Blackout...
Some extended thoughts on the newly added paint can mechanic. I wholeheartedly LIKE the addition... BUT... there are some things that just make...
2019-02-01 1:15:02 PM ● 97,874 views ● 10:05 92.28% liked
Blackout: How to UNLOCK Zero! (Alien Charm Location)
This video will teach you how to unlock the "Numbers" outfit for Zero by finding the newly added Alien Charm! #BlackOps4 #BO4 #CallofDuty...
2019-01-31 11:15:01 PM ● 72,948 views ● 2:30 98.09% liked