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This is where gamer's use their heads! A somewhat educational channel that wraps learning into fun via learning by proxy of you're favorite games! Answering questions, developing theories, discussing controversies, revealing secrets and lore, and looking at the science of various video games. Sometimes even comic books, tv shows and movies! From the real in depth physics and math, to chemistry, psychology, and even the science of the ancients! That's right! We delve into pseudo-science here! From spirit science to alchemy, if a game borrows from it, we'll analyze it!

If you are curious about this channels family friendly nature, I'd personally give this channel a PG rating on about 90% of the videos. Some videos cross into PG-13 territory, but those typically are obvious by the thumbnail, and by a disclaimer at the beginning of the videos.

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THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE! Detective Pikachu Movie Reveal Thoughts
The trailer for Detective Pikachu just dropped, Ryan Reynolds did a pretty good job! (Though Danny Devito would still have been better). So here...
2018-11-16 12:40:12 PM ● 36,759 views ● 12:20 98.05% liked
Pokemon: Melmetal WILL Fight Mewtwo? | Gnoggin - Pokemon Theory
Meltan has evolved! Now there's a Melmetal! And I believe it will fight Mewtwo in the next Pokemon movie! and/or in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu...
2018-11-14 12:53:56 PM ● 9,110 views ● 11:05 99.34% liked
Sony Censorship has ALWAYS Happened... | Gnoggin
Sony has begun censoring games on their platform in mass quantities once again. While Steam and Nintendo are doing so very little if at all....
2018-11-11 1:27:13 PM ● 52,832 views ● 8:50 98.50% liked
Let's Play
Gen 2 Pokemon Names in Japan are... Silly...  | Gnoggin
This is part 2 of our series covering EVERY Pokemon name in Japanese, its origin and translation, and its overall meaning. I hope you like it!...
2018-11-08 1:03:03 PM ● 73,376 views ● 14:20 98.83% liked
Smash Ultimate: Who ELSE Could SURVIVE? | Gnoggin - World of Light Theory
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is soon! Nintendo just revealed World of Light in the latest Nintendo Direct, acting as a story or adventure mode....
2018-11-05 5:20:47 PM ● 131,169 views ● 12:10 96.55% liked
Ghost Pokemon are mysterious, and have origins all over the place. Japanese Yokai, American alien sightings, Indonesian folklore and more! Plus,...
2018-10-30 6:36:57 PM ● 132,675 views ● 17:57 98.98% liked
Just How LOUD is EXPLOUD!? - Pokemon Science | Gnoggin
Sound Type Pokemon! Well no, that's not a thing yet. But how loud would they be? Loudred would be loud, and its evolution Exploud would be EVEN...
2018-10-26 2:11:57 PM ● 25,788 views ● 13:12 99.26% liked
I Lost 140 Pounds Without Exercise or Hunger, Here's How.
I'm going to tell you my story, about how I gained all my excess weight, got diabetes, and then turned my life around through nutrition science!...
2018-10-23 1:35:51 PM ● 36,676 views ● 1:40:27 98.42% liked
Ranking Super Mario Party's Dice! | Gnoggin
SUPER MARIO PARTY! It's great, I love how each character gets their own unique dice block now. But when characters have differences, there's...
2018-10-18 1:53:10 PM ● 32,832 views ● 20:08 97.67% liked
Japanese Pokemon Names Explained! Kanto Pokemon! | Gnoggin
Let's go and explain what each Kanto Pokemon name means! The Name origin and etymology! Specifically the Japanese Pokemon names! Some are the...
2018-10-16 1:39:26 PM ● 16,781 views ● 16:39 99.57% liked