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This is where gamer's use their heads! A somewhat educational channel that wraps learning into fun via learning by proxy of you're favorite games! Answering questions, developing theories, discussing controversies, revealing secrets and lore, and looking at the science of various video games. Sometimes even comic books, tv shows and movies! From the real in depth physics and math, to chemistry, psychology, and even the science of the ancients! That's right! We delve into pseudo-science here! From spirit science to alchemy, if a game borrows from it, we'll analyze it!

If you are curious about this channels family friendly nature, I'd personally give this channel a PG rating on about 90% of the videos. Some videos cross into PG-13 territory, but those typically are obvious by the thumbnail, and by a disclaimer at the beginning of the videos.

This channel can only thrive with your help, check out the links below to donate! Thanks for being so awesome!

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WAS Clefairy the Original Mascot Pokemon Before Pikachu? | Gnoggin
Check out my TikTok! Username: @Lockstin: https://httpslink.com/LGTW1 Big Thanks to Tiktok for supporting our endeavors by sponsoring us! Many...
2019-02-19 5:47:58 PM ● 30,507 views ● 7:50 97.54% liked
Why are Mario Enemies in Zelda: Link's Awakening? | Gnoggin
In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening you can find a chain chomp and goombas, why? and what else is there? Why are Mario enemies in Zelda?...
2019-02-17 12:39:04 PM ● 91,020 views ● 6:29 97.74% liked
Pokemon's Flowers are Trying to Tell You Something... | Gnoggin
Valentines day special! Many grass type Pokemon have flowers, flowers that may have some significant meaning. Ever learn about the language of...
2019-02-14 2:53:15 PM ● 53,860 views ● 15:34 99.02% liked
If Crash Bandicoot was in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! | Gnoggin
What if Crash Bandicoot was added to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as a DLC Fighter? What would his moves be? How would he feel to play? Let's...
2019-02-13 12:00:01 PM ● 37,826 views ● 10:51 98.41% liked
Dunsparce is the MOST Middle Pokemon | Gnoggin
Everybody has their top 10 favorite pokemon and their bottom 10 favorite pokemon, but what is most peoples middle favorite? Probably Dunsparce......
2019-02-10 12:57:09 PM ● 56,233 views ● 6:58 97.78% liked
How does CHATOT Talk? - The Pokedex is Wrong! | Gnoggin
Chatot is an interesting Pokemon from gen 4, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and of course everybody's favorite: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers...
2019-02-06 4:45:11 PM ● 52,887 views ● 11:05 99.05% liked
Directly Translating Kalos Pokemon! Japanese to English! | Gnoggin
Gen 6 Pokemon had some interesting names in Japanese, pulling from all sorts of languages as always, but this time they have plenty of French...
2019-02-01 3:46:45 PM ● 43,992 views ● 14:12 99.44% liked
Splatoon 3 Prediction and Plot! | Gnoggin
Check out Displate and use coupon code: Lockstin15 for 15% off! https://displate.com/displate/606540?q=espeon?art=5b57d657ea9dd The announcement...
2019-01-29 3:46:17 PM ● 67,486 views ● 18:56 98.83% liked
Splatoon (2015)
Is the Pokemon Trainer GUESS Dumb? or are we?...
We found a Pokemon Trainer Guess ball at a thrift shop and we just HAD to play with it on camera.... its kinda dumb.... or maybe WE'RE the dumb...
2019-01-26 2:52:42 PM ● 71,890 views ● 15:07 98.25% liked
Slaking & Vigoroth: Ancient Empires and Childhood Development? | Gnoggin - Pokemon Theory
Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking are interesting Pokemon, and maybe they have some interesting stories to tell, some interesting inspirations....
2019-01-21 4:42:51 PM ● 89,593 views ● 12:30 96.88% liked