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This is where gamer's use their heads! A somewhat educational channel that wraps learning into fun via learning by proxy of you're favorite games! Answering questions, developing theories, discussing controversies, revealing secrets and lore, and looking at the science of various video games. Sometimes even comic books, tv shows and movies! From the real in depth physics and math, to chemistry, psychology, and even the science of the ancients! That's right! We delve into pseudo-science here! From spirit science to alchemy, if a game borrows from it, we'll analyze it!

If you are curious about this channels family friendly nature, I'd personally give this channel a PG rating on about 90% of the videos. Some videos cross into PG-13 territory, but those typically are obvious by the thumbnail, and by a disclaimer at the beginning of the videos.

This channel can only thrive with your help, check out the links below to donate! Thanks for being so awesome!

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I Hate Komala... The Worst Pokemon of all... | Gnoggin
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Splatoon (2015)
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