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Most Overpowered (OP) JUMP FORCE Characters You Should Know About
Jump Force seems to have a great potential with so many anime characters/ fighters in there. These protagonists are powerful but some of them...
2019-01-15 5:52:48 AM ● 361 views ● 7:00 46.34% liked
Sylas The Unshackled,  Everything About the New League of Legends Champion
Sylas The Unshackled is the latest League of Legends champion to join the roster. Like all new champions, Sylas will have a special charm on...
2019-01-11 1:08:56 PM ● 22 views ● 4:24 100.00% liked
10 Best PlayStation 4 Exclusives to Look Forward to in 2019
Playstation 4 remains to be the most popular console of this generation. Exclusives have a major part to play in that success. Continuing the...
2019-01-11 2:47:48 AM ● 96 views ● 8:11 100.00% liked
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What Happened Before Kingdom Hearts 3? The Story and Lore So Far
Kingdom Hearts has a huge world and story associated with it. With so many games already out, if you are a newcomer or even missed a couple of...
2019-01-10 3:32:16 AM ● 212 views ● 9:44 88.89% liked
Xbox One Vs PS4 Vs Nintendo Switch, Who Won 2018 in Various Categories
Overall, 2018 was a good year for gaming and consoles market thrived a lot. The three major players; PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch raked...
2019-01-09 3:51:12 AM ● 138 views ● 7:59 88.89% liked
Is COD 2019 Call of Duty Ghosts 2? Modern Warfare 4?
What is going to be the name of Call of Duty 2019? There have been several rumors that it's going to be called Call of Duty Ghosts 2. There has...
2019-01-08 5:33:34 AM ● 72 views ● 4:07 100.00% liked
15 Best Open World Games to Look Forward to in 2019
2019 is upon us and so starts the search to sort through the best upcoming open world games coming this year, and if you are like us, this list...
2019-01-05 2:22:19 PM ● 223 views ● 11:00 100.00% liked
What Happened Before Mortal Kombat 11? The Story So Far
Mortal Kombat 11 has been announced and it has shown us that Raiden has gone dark. But what has happened before Mortal Kombat 11 and what's the...
2018-12-22 2:23:53 AM ● 763 views ● 3:35 94.12% liked
Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Been Leaked but the Biggest Spoilers Are Safe
One of the most anticipated games for January 2019, Kingdom Hearts 3 has been leaked. Some lucky people are already playing the game. So the...
2018-12-20 3:34:23 AM ● 1,105 views ● 2:37 95.00% liked
10 Alternate Games To Try If Fallout 76 Has Disappointed You
Despite the fact that Fallout 76 showed a lot of promise, it hasn't been well received by critics and community due to its problems. Bethesda...
2018-12-19 5:30:29 AM ● 147 views ● 5:31 83.33% liked
Fallout 76
Fallout 76 (2019)