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Kingdom Come Deliverance Romance Guide, Stephanie, Theresa and the Bath House
Yes, there is romance in Kingdom Come Deliverance and it might not be with that much options but you can choose to romance with 2 candidates...
2018-02-17 4:40:44 AM ● 1,291 views ● 3:51 83.33% liked
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
What's New in Far Cry 5 and Should You Buy It?
Far Cry 5's release is just around the corner and a lot of fans are looking forward to playing it. But what's new in Far Cry 5? Is the game good...
2018-02-16 6:07:02 AM ● 282 views ● 3:43 100.00% liked
Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 (2018)
God of War 4 Graphics Downgrade, Should You Be Worried?
God of War 4 PS4's graphics were stunning when it was revealed for the first time at E3 2016. There was some more gameplay in 2017 and 2018 however,...
2018-02-15 6:55:35 AM ● 594 views ● 5:28 69.23% liked
10 Franchise Exclusives Xbox One Needs to Take on Playstation 4
Xbox has been lagging behind Playstation 4 not only in sales but also in games that are coming in 2018, so naturally, everyone is criticizing...
2018-02-14 4:49:41 AM ● 65 views ● 10:02 85.71% liked
Let's Play
Kingdom Come Deliverance Launch Trailer, Join the Fray
Warhorse Studios has released the launch trailer for Kingdom Come Deliverance. The medieval action RPG that has been in development for a long...
2018-02-12 11:56:08 PM ● 134 views ● 1:50 100.00% liked
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
7 Lies About Gamers That People Still Believe, Debunked!
There are a lot of lies and misconceptions about gamers that non-gamers still believe. Gamers are socially awkward, they are violent, they are...
2018-02-12 1:19:18 PM ● 92 views ● 6:41 100.00% liked
KINGDOM HEARTS 3 D23 Expo Japan (2018) Monsters Inc Trailer
Kingdom Hearts 3 has a new trailer released at D23 Expo 2018 in Japan. The trailer includes gameplay and new monsters
2018-02-12 1:45:14 AM ● 110 views ● 4:02 100.00% liked
New God Of War Trailer, Marketing during an NBA Game
Sony gets cheeky with marketing of God of War. A new God of War trailer was shown during an NBA game during the break on court. Check it out....
2018-02-11 10:41:45 PM ● 1,041 views ● 2:13 100.00% liked
COD 2018 (Black Ops 4) Info Blowout, Gameplay, Switch Port and Setting
Call of Duty 2018 is supposedly going to be Black Ops 4 by Treyarch. The Black Ops trilogy came to an end with Black Ops 3 so does it make sense...
2018-02-08 10:39:26 PM ● 174 views ● 4:39 83.33% liked
Injustice 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gameplay Trailer
Injustice 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are out and you can check them out in the new gameplay trailer.
2018-02-08 1:13:30 AM ● 82 views ● 1:57 100.00% liked