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Scottish Rod

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Scottish Rod is a British YouTube channel which has approximately 3.53 thousand subscribers. He published 416 videos which altogether total around 592.81 thousand views.

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About Scottish Rod

No Man’s Sky Tutorial’s, Guides, News, Gameplay & Other Fun Stuff.

Hello everyone,
I upload videos and Live-streams, mainly of No Man's Sky tutorials. I also occasionally post / livestream other fun games like ESO, Destiny, Cyberpunk, Fallout, Borderlands, Mass Effect (Coming Soon)...
The first game I played was PONG. First console I owned was the Atari CX2600 "Heavy Sixer".

Thanks for the visit and hope to see you again.
Rod 😀

🎮 Live-stream Schedule (UK Time)🎮
🎥 Tue's @ 7.00pm (2pm EST 11am PST) - NMS Multiplayer Fun
🎥 Sun @ 3.00pm (10am EST 7am PST) - Platinum Playthroughs

I also do non-scheduled streams so do turn on Notifications, that bell thingy, if you wish to catch them live.

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#NoMansSky #Multiplayer #scottishrod

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