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About MrFon Gaming

Greedings everyone I am Mr Fon.

Our channel will focus on gameplay clips of popular video games such as Dreams, Final Fantasy, The Last of Us, Destiny and more. Now equipped with an Elgato 4k 60 Pro, we will be uploading video content at crisp 4k resolution and 60 frames per second.

Note that some content from older games will only go up to 1080p but at 60 frames per second!

Our goals for this channel is to continue providing content leading up to next generation of console gaming, PC and beyond. Currently we are working on Destiny and Destiny 2 content so fans of the series should stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

My Workstation set up is as followed

Ryzen 7 3700x
16 GB of DDR4 RAM
RTX 2080 Ti (Will be replaced by either a 3080 or better for higher quality in the future)

Playstation 4 Pro (Will be replaced by a Playstation 5 later this year)

Due to income restrictions we will be focusing on Playstation 5 games and content but that may change in the coming year

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