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Hey guys!
I mainly do video essays on video games and cartoons!
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Life Is Strange: Before The Storm MADE ME FEEL THINGS
In this weeks episode, I take a look at Life Is Strange: Before The Storm and why it's story left me with so many FEELLLS (spoiler free!) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...
2019-03-27 3:19:56 PM ● 1,559 views ● 11:59 99.42% liked
♥♥ Self Love Saturday: A Rant On Practicing Self Love and Mental Health ♥♥
♥have a good morning♥ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Want to support me? Don't forget to like the video, share...
2019-03-09 9:01:35 AM ● 2,315 views ● 16:12 99.71% liked
Cartoon Network Summer Resort -  Bobdunga
In this week's episode, we take a look at the widely remembered Cartoon Network flash game titled Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort! Grab your bathing...
2019-03-02 3:00:01 PM ● 6,388 views ● 11:22 99.08% liked
The Nintendo Power Hotline - Bobdunga
This week, we explore the now defunct call in service known as the Nintendo Power Line and its cultural impact during the mid 80s to late 90s...
2019-02-20 4:00:11 PM ● 3,050 views ● 6:43 99.54% liked
Please Watch Before You Pledge - A Patreon Talk
Welp, time to make myself incredibly vulnerable for less than ten minutes. If you're considering donating to me in any way shape of form, I really...
2019-02-12 6:04:06 PM ● 1,425 views ● 9:18 99.45% liked
Cereal Box Games - Bobdunga
In this week's episode, we take a look at some of the many cool cd rom games that came in our specially marked boxes of cereal growing up, from...
2019-02-09 1:00:10 PM ● 4,584 views ● 14:21 98.67% liked
Selfies In Video Games - Bobdunga
In this week's episode, we discuss the sudden rise of selfie modes and photo modes present in video games! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Want...
2019-01-26 1:00:48 PM ● 3,429 views ● 10:46 98.41% liked
Answering Your Questions!!!
Hey guys! In this video, I'll be going through some questions I pulled from the comment section of the AMA/Q+A video I posted last week! Again,...
2019-01-17 4:12:40 PM ● 2,336 views ● 23:39 100.00% liked
Lara Croft: The Nude Raider Scandal - Bobdunga
This week we look at the infamous Nude Raider Patch scandal that rocked Eidos Studios and the Tomb Raider franchise in the late 90s! All Gens...
2019-01-15 3:09:38 PM ● 8,842 views ● 10:23 98.60% liked
10K AMA/Q&A | Thank You!!
Thank You :) Regarding the Q&A: Ask anything you want below and I'll answer it in a video a week from now! :) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...
2019-01-07 5:12:58 PM ● 4,759 views ● 10:09 98.14% liked