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About Shyruo


Shy or Hyu for short!

I make animatics, animated memes. I'm noob in making serious animations
Anyways I'm here for fun, i hope you people too!
Shyruo as my main human mascot as Hyu as my main anthro mascot in this channel.

contact me based on the social media links below
notify me if you have something with me on gmail through yt comments, or dm on any other social medias

I am very active on IG

Since a lot of people been asking me whether am I Hyumzi, yes, I am. I created a new fresh name, and do consider me as Shyruo for now.

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(Animatic) Break Up
When bae tries to break up with you its unwise to talk bout temporarily break up with him Shy thought its a good idea to discuss bout this to...
2018-07-22 8:56:47 AM ● 13,532 views ● 1:06 99.90% liked
(Animatic) The Crush Song
um hey ehheh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Send this to your crush. both are my ocs! Shyruo and Cyril they dated since last year till now, uwah- its been...
2018-07-04 8:47:05 AM ● 178,988 views ● 1:00 99.26% liked
when creating new OCs
can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhh BONELESS PIZZA yea tat last girl is a new oc just born today i adopted her from my friend arakichan on DA the rest are...
2018-06-26 9:32:24 AM ● 2,889 views ● 0:13 99.70% liked
Catch me | meme (Yandere Simulator)
lmao rip osana yis finally ayano gets the spotlight. - Original animation meme by Arachely M & A :
2018-06-19 12:12:27 PM ● 93,003 views ● 0:41 99.38% liked
GRRRLS [meme]
"Just the beauty?" gg lmao it crashed multiple times and in the end i managed to finish this Introducing my new redesign oc -coughs-...
2018-06-16 10:55:32 PM ● 7,070 views ● 0:45 99.40% liked
Hungry - meme
A very very late birthday gift for Strauberrio sry for the off sync in the end, my software kept on crashing sobs I suppose to work on that April...
2018-06-14 9:35:10 AM ● 2,150 views ● 1:04 98.76% liked
ashe feels STABBY - Witch's Heart
i love this game so much and i decided to shitpost insp: characters belongs to IZ (BLUESTAR ENTERTAINMENT)...
2018-06-10 3:51:47 AM ● 2,516 views ● 0:40 99.58% liked
Love Like You (animatic)
MUSIC: Love Like you - Rebecca Sugar hereee u go, oc animatic I hope you liked and enjoyed this pmv! Platonic? Romantic? It's up to you to think...
2018-06-03 5:47:37 AM ● 17,182 views ● 0:54 99.74% liked
Mmm Yeah | animation meme
hello im back from the dead huhu yea its my birthday (April 6) lemme celebrate myself with this lmao and THANK YOU for the 5k subs gift, im very...
2018-04-05 10:12:23 AM ● 4,785 views ● 0:31 99.74% liked
I Love You | DDLC Animation
CC is available! Join the writing club! VwV Join Doki Doki Literature Club Amino - Follow me - Shyruo first time...
2018-01-30 8:40:17 AM ● 11,483 views ● 1:57 97.77% liked