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About Shyruo

Hello welcome to my channel!

im just crashin here for fun

Shy or Ruo for short.
I draw and animate
I hope you could enjoy some of my content
Sorry if sudden inactive, I could be busy with uni and real life stuff

I upload:
- Speedpaint
- Animation memes
- Map parts
- MAP (rare)
- Random shitpost

Social media below are my official and verified uses. The links are my active uses, the social medias listed are inactive uses.
So if my name is used on other social medias but not based on below, are fake accounts.

- Amino OC&Arts
- Amino Undertale

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I Love You | DDLC Animation
CC is available! Join the writing club! VwV Join Doki Doki Literature Club Amino - Follow me - Shyruo first time...
2018-01-30 8:40:17 AM ● 6,336 views ● 1:57 97.98% liked
hold up, warning: minor spoilers ahead and gore, suicide yuri is best gir- monika- just monika a lil bit of monika y- efks //headache Featuring...
2018-01-12 5:22:12 PM ● 152,341 views ● 0:55 97.95% liked
a short simple animatic video or pmv or mv or ehh its my oc girl hyu hope u like it VwV hmm [small random note] The struggle of giving up on...
2017-12-19 11:04:56 PM ● 2,996 views ● 0:31 99.13% liked
yo i tried tweenin its bad hahaha but hey i hope you enjoyed it! Featuring Shego from Kim Possible Shes my fav character when i was a kid lol...
2017-12-16 11:38:03 AM ● 26,617 views ● 1:04 99.14% liked
im back for good~ and a gift for... beloved and inspirations. VwV i took some breaks, so yea tat is why there were fade effects and what. what...
2017-12-10 6:41:03 AM ● 581 views ● 9:24 100.00% liked
reupload gomen i dont mean to delete it hgngh they so cute whaaa im ashamed of those two //external tears These two are my characters, called...
2017-11-28 3:52:39 AM ● 1,049 views ● 0:47 99.15% liked
Featuring Amai Odayaka, a cooking club student, from Yandere Simulator! uh i hope its not too gorey for you sensitive peeps heh - Original animation...
2017-11-18 9:00:56 AM ● 185,085 views ● 0:35 98.71% liked
a PMV MAP/MEP! yea im bringing it back i feel bad by deleting people's effort on their map parts Hosted on June 2016, completed around July 2016...
2017-10-20 8:20:16 AM ● 1,280 views ● 3:03 100.00% liked
being an animation student? ez - Original animation meme by FrenchToast - MUSIC: Luis Fonsi - Despacito...
2017-09-03 5:08:16 AM ● 1,194 views ● 0:14 99.25% liked
a short animatic sequel for pregnant? xD bless yoosung and the rfa members Characters are from Mystic Messenger, Cheritz - first vid of pregnant...
2017-09-01 11:32:38 PM ● 6,011 views ● 0:27 99.81% liked