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About Spitfire The Wolf

Hi there everyone! Spitfire is my name! I'm a huge Alan Walker and Porter Robinson junkie!
I usually post whatever is on my mind! I try to provide the best content for everyone as much as I can despite the lack of stuff I need to do so. I'm also a part of the furry fandom, which... may or may not be obvious... I portray as a gray wolf with a hoodie and jeans, nothing too special, but that part isn't important!
Cars, art and music was always something I've had a thing for, which is why you'll see stuff like Forza Horizon 4 (Don't really have the same love for it as I once had), Need For Speed and others being key to the channel. Time to time I'll post something random as well. I record myself doing gameplays and I stream on Twitch sometimes. If cars and music are your thing, you've come to the right place! I hope you like what you see here on this channel and a huge thank you to all who have subscribed to this channel! 🙏💙

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